Cubase 12 does not open now

Those troubleshooting options mentioned do not work at all (never do as usual). I have tried many other ways to get through this. This bad program is totally useless for creativity and I want my money back. But before that, is there any way to get into this very unstable program?

This is usually a bad plugin causing it. Use one of the other options in that menu. Try deactivate 3rd party plugins first.

If it was Cubase then it would be like this for us all but it isn’t

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This appears, if Cubase crashed before. If this happens repeatedly, it’s necessary to find out, why is Cubase crashing. A plug-in is very often the reason.


I have this problem too,if i start cubase (after pc restart for example) it shows me this window.i have very often problems with the audio alignement tool and cubase crash after using it on stems…and now it shows me every time the safemode window.

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Do you have any DMP file available (Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps/ folder)? If yes, attach them, please.

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Cubase 64bit 2023.10.14 (980.2 KB)

hi,i hope you can help me

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Well, soon after this irritated post of mine I was finally able to get back to Cubase after doing something I can´t exactly remember (maybe I drank too much coffee). We know every software programs (including the other stuff around it like the plugins) have their own problems sometimes. Thanks for all of your useful and wise words of wisdom. Danke schön.

Are you using plugins from Universal Audio? Are they running on the hardware or as software plug-ins?


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

You say your reporting to Steinberg , what help will that be if there are no more releases ? The only one i can think of is having to pay for C13 just to see if it’s been fixed ?

They may be able to identify what is causing it. This could be a third party plugin. The user can then report it to the plugin producer. So there is a point.

Martin only reports things to Steinberg if it’s a CUBASE problem , not 3rd party , if it was third party he would say so

The way I understand this is if the problem is reported then it might be taken into consideration for future development. It will help future releases and users not having this specific issue.
If one will pay to get these releases is another story


What gets me is the problem is Cubase won’t open. Now it does open for thousands of others so the problem isn’t Cubase itself but something else. The dump file may identify what is causing it. So this may not be a plugin.

Do you have to pay to go to cinema to see if a movie is released? No.
But if you wanna see the movie then sure you have to pay.

Lets try another approach , IF the problem is not CUBASE it’s self then there’s no point in reporting to Steinberg because there’s nothing for them to fix . If It was ANYTHING to do with third party ‘whatever’s’ Martin would of said so . By repeorting directly to Steinberg Martin is admitting it’s a Cubase issue
My point here is , if the problem is not going to resolve the for the person with C12 and it is a C12 issue which it looks like because Martin apparently will not report anything unless he’s 100% it’s Steinberg fault then the person in question will never get a resolve because …Its the end of the road for 12

If you say it could be resolved in 13 that’s not relevant to someone running 12 with the issue

I agree, it could be resolved on 13 or 14 or never and will not be relevant for users which have unsolved problems with 12 or earlier versions.
But this goes for every DAW.

What I am trying to say is that if there is a problem that can’t be fixed by user tweaking and needs to be adressed upon development then there is not much one can do but choose if he will continue supporting his DAW and wait for possible fixes on problems or go with another DAW (and its possible issues).

Not totally correct here , Steinberg tech support are brilliant so why has it not been recommended for a potential fix ? Bearing in mind they do remote desktop control so unless it’s a deep ingrained part of Cubase that’s at fault then it should be fixable as this issue seems to be system specific , instead it’s just passed on with no solution

Unfortunately I am not in a position of answering this.