Cubase 12 Fade Editor Window Overlay Issue and Workaround

This has been a issue in Cubase for the longest of time. When you have two fades on an audio event and you call up the Fades Editor you will see the fade out window overlay the fade in window. You can move the window and everything works fine but a workflow killer.

I have found a solution outside of Cubase using Keyboard Maestro software for macOS.

Here is the issue. If you have two fades you will see two windows overlaid with the Fade Out on top. I moved it over so you can see both windows.

Using software Keyboard Maestro I created two macros triggered by Key Commands in Cubase. You need two, one for single fades and the other for dual fades. The macros are very simple.

Single: Open the fades editor and center on the screen.

Dual: Open the fades editor and move the Fade Out window over enough so that it is not on top of the Fade In window.

I trigger the Single with Command-F and the Dual with Command-G. You can make these keys anything you like.
Single Results:

Dual Results

Keyboard is a paid software that is only $36 US. It is macOS only. It is updated for the newer Macs too. I am not a salesman for the software company.

There is a demo version but I do not know how long it will work without payment. Well worth it, at least for me. I can see lots of uses.

Hope this helps