Cubase 12 freezes on project close

I still have these freezes after closing a project. No matter how many updates I install.
I’m always up to date with my whole gear. And I usually don’t have a lot of issues. But the “freeze when closing” issue accompanies me since Cubase 10 , I guess…

  1. At first, it was a problem with the “Hub”. And it dissappeared for a while after turning off the "open hub at start"option

  2. At sometime it was a graphics driver problem, which I got under control with some updating easily.

  3. Since Cubase 11, it seemed to be a MixConsole Problem, because
    whenever I had previously closed the MixConsole, I was able to shut down the program easily.

But since 12 - which I really love! - it is getting a bit more random. Sometimes the same project closes clean, sometimes it freezes on exit…

Now I use a small command file to shut cubase down:

“”" >> taskkill /F /IM CubaseXX.exe /T <<< “”"

That’s how I get along with this. :wink:

But like this all changes you made in the settings/last project opened/etc. will not be saved, or does it?

I find it really strange, that for a lot of people the “freeze on exit” seems to be solved, while other still have it.
I am on Win11 21H2 (i7 8700K, Nvidia GT 1030, Antelope Audio Zenstudio) and since C12.0.30 all crashes on exit are gone.

Would you people mind sharig your system info/devices/audio interface? Maybe it has to do with certain CPUs, OS, GPUs, audio drivers etc. I suspect the audio driver, as it seems this happens when Cubase wants to release the driver on exit.

This happens only on my laptop and never happens on my desktop PC.

I noticed that after latest update (to 12.0.30 ) freezes on quit became less frequent.

Not sure if this is related, but on laptop I I am using Asio4all driver (to use my integrated audio), and on PC I am using external USB audio interface.

Yeah right - The project will not occur on the last project open list. And as I said, my steps were helpful at different times and versions of Cubase, but I still have these freezes.

But I’m very sure it has nothing to do with hardware. Because I’m using different Laptops and Computers and the problem occurs on EVERY computer. They are all new and always updated. I keep everything pretty clean. Cause unlike other I believe in UPDATES not in meandering in versions from the mid 90ies while telling young folks “never change a running…blablabla” hahaha.

I really think it is a (bunch of) virtual instrument. Or better said, a specific behaviour how certain virtual instruments are programmed to work. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but that’s my “feeling”. Sooorrrryyy not helpful, but I’m a pro and have no time to hunt down these kind of issues.
(Not to brag - just to explain why I cannot effort spending my time with a relatively minor problem, while I should make money making music or mixing. It’s a daily struggle.)

I really hope Steinberg will find a way of solving this slightly diffuse problem soon…