Cubase 12-Fxmodulator-Midi 1 Cycle- Where it returns along the curve?

Volume curve
I activate 1 midi cycle.
Where does the volume modulator return after the curve transition?

I am using ShaperBox2 and TAL-Filter 2.
I activate 1 midi cycle.
Here, after traversing the curve, the parameter remains where
the curve is over.
For example, if the volume curve ends at -20,
it stays at -20.
It makes sense to me.

What do you think about it ?

Hi Kris_Go,
you are right, FX Modulator returns to bypass.
I’ll take the point of returning to the start/end point as a feature request.


Hello @andreasm - sorry for butting in like this.!

When you have a chance could you also please look into the following reported concern/glitch, seen when side-chaining with the FX Modulator in Cubase 12…

FX Modulator Side Chain Timing Drift - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

The thread has zero responses… I have no idea if this has already been reported to Support directly. I am unable to check the issue myself…

Thanks for the answer.
I hope this will be changed.

All the best.

I’ll have a look at it.