Cubase 12 / Groove Agent Bug


Is there an official method to rport Cubase bugs?

CPU: i7
Ram: 16GB
Audio: UA Volt 476
OS: Windows 11
Software: Cubase 12 Pro 12.0.30
Plugins: Groove Agent SE

Steps that create Crash:

01: Launch Cubase
02: From the Hub screen, “Create Empty” and select a directory
03: When the project opens, right click the channels section and “Add Audio Track”
=> config: stereo, output: stereo out
04: Right click the channels section and “Add Instrument Track”
=> Instrument: Groove Agent, Output: Stereo Out
05: When the Groove Agent window appears, click in the preset section at the top of the screen, filter…
Category: Drum&Perc
Sub Category: Drumset
Choose a drumset to load (ex. Collins Kit)
06: DOUBLE Error Dialog Boxes appear stating “A serious problem has occurred”

Officially, by opening a support ticket in your Steinberg account.
You should also upload your crash file.

Posting a repro like you did in the forum is good too, especially if you want others to confirm a bug, or to get a solution. Post the crash log with your reply. But be sure you tag it with issue

But first do the first and most basic troubleshooting step of starting Cubase in Safe Mode, with disabled preferences and 3rd Party plugins, to eliminate corrupt prefs as the cause.

No issue here loading the Collins Kit.
Must be a local error. Maybe the files are missing ?

Thank you both for your input.

I did look at my account for support requests, but the only two options are (am I missing something?):
[1] Registration, activation or licensing issue
[2] Other Inquiry (not for technical support)

I have tried the following, but still the same issue:
[1] Reinstalled Groove agent and content
[2] Launched Cubase with preferences disabled (if I deactivate 3rd party plugins only Halion is loaded).

Use the “Other Inquiry” option. It has been confirmed by Steinberg’s Ed Doll that this is the correct option to use for tech support and that the current sub-optimal wording will change as part of the ongoing renovation of the website.

Ed Doll did not confirm anything.
He never said that we absolutely have to send our tech related requests to the “Other Inquiry” category, just that we can still (and need to) select the “Technical Support Request” on the next page.

At some point after Cubase 12 was released, all the options were available on the first page, then the support page was under maintenance for a few days and when it was available again, there only were two options left.
I believe they did that to dissuade people from sending too many requests.