Cubase 12 hangs on "initialising video player"

Actually - I just selected “Disable program preferences” and it’s now hanging on “Initiaising VST Mixer.”
This isn’t looking good!

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Exactly the same problem

Hi I removed Cubase PRo 12 preferences folders and it worked thanks :slight_smile:


Is that the userprefrences.xml in C:\Users[name]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64? I don’t see a similar folder yet created in the Cubase 12 folder. I tried renaming this xml file to “old” but it’s still hanging at the VST mixer

I am having the same issue. It hangs on Initializing Video Player and the Task Manager in Win 11 shows “Cubase Not Responding”.

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Hi no I deleted the whole folder C:\Users[name]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64


I deleted both this folder and the cubase 11 folder. Cubase picks up settings from the previous version and hangs on initialization vst 3

No - keep in there on the vst3. Mine took a few minutes, now I’m in the program

Yeah, the VST3 scanning is something I was really hoping had been resolved. It goes fast until you do a PC restart. Then its slow again… But this was the case with 11 Pro as well.

Okay, I’ll try to do that. Thank you

… And I’ve now put the video player back in C-prog files-steinberg-Cubase12-components, and it seems to load.
I think we’re rolling!

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Done. Thanks

still don’t get and still same issue.Cubase 11 unistalled and still can’t get in.Would you please explain step by step how to fix that !

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I kept Cubase 11 installed (and intend to keep it there for a while yet).
I deleted the folder Cubase 12_64 from C:\Users[your_name]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg. Then go back into Cubase 12 program. The program may take a while to go through the plugins, especially vst3 seemed to take a few minutes. A new Cubase 12_64 folder will be automatically generated in that path.

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I did like you said and nothing , still the same issue.
Steinberg did great job what a great update. :smiley: OMG wasted money

I would like to hear Steinberg guys comment.

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Exactly the same experience here. Deleted the video related file, now it hangs on chord pads.
Surely this issue must have come up in beta testing? Hard to imagine that it wouldn’t. The end user shouldn’t have to be messing around, deleting files like this. It doesn’t look professional.

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Same problem here…

Windows 10 Pro
Cubase 12 is hanging at Initializing: Video player.
If I look in the task manager then I see “Checking Licenses…” Not responding.

Yesterday I was able to start Cubase 12 (tried once). License is correctly activated if I look in the license manager.

Strange…not a good start with Cubase 12

However, starting up with disabled preferences works. Next I copied the Cubase 11 preferences to the Cubase 12 prefs. This works. Cubase is starting again…

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This has worked for me. Thank you!