Cubase 12 hangs on "initialising video player"

Greetings to all! I have Cubase 12 crashes at the AUDIO ENGINE boot stage, the BIG SUR system is 11.6.4, and on Windows 10 it started without problems. What are the guys’ ideas?

I had the same issue. Windows 11.

Deleting VideoCodec-Apple-ProRes.dll from components folder did the trick for me.

Working great now.

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I am having the same problem on Windows 10. Tried removing all other versions, removing the dongle, starting with deleted preferences. When I remove the video engine dll, it freezes on “Initializing Chord Pads” instead.

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I appear to have fixed this.
I deleted the videoengine.dll (from - C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\Components) and it was then freezing at ‘initializing chord pads’. Nothing that I was doing seemed to get it past that point.
I tried disabling and deleting the preferences multiple times, but it would always freeze at the same point.
Finally, what fixed it: I navigated to the appdata folder for Cubase 12 (C:\Users\DAW\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg), deleted the Cubase 12 preferences folder, and then re-enabled my old Cubase 11 preferences folder (which I had renamed ‘Cubase 11_64_old’).
I removed the ‘_old’ and tried again, and suddenly Cubase 12 decided to load successfully.
It did not load the first time that I attempted to run Cubase 12 with my Cubase 11 preferences enabled, but is working now.

It seems weird to me that stuff like this was not picked up in beta testing. Maybe they need to cast a wider net to avoid stuff like this.


Why should we FIND ANY SOLUTIONS. I bought it for finding way to launch(release final) product ? If you know what i meant.


Our recommendation is to thrash all the Cubase preference folders (back up the folder first of course). Our support team told me that solves the issue in most cases.

It would be helpful if someone with this issue could provide us with his preference folder. Maybe if we could reproduce the issue, there would the chance to analyse it.

Thanks! This worked for me also. I had removed all old preferences folders, but after deleting the video dll reinstating the cubase 11 folder, it has finally opened.

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The reply from Soapmak3r worked for me - deleting the video dll (which got it past initializing video player, but then it stuck on initializing chord pads), deleting the C12 preferences folder, and leaving in the C11 preferences folder.

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Today cubase 12 again gave the same problem. Worked during the day, everything was fine, and in the evening when opening again hung on the initialization of the video player. I had to repeat everything again.

I solved this problem like this, Cubase 12 slows down on the video player tab by accident))) I just pulled out the USB key from the computer, launched the program, the program loaded, after it opened, I closed it, inserted the USB key, and reopened it, everything opened at the second start already from USB))) Cubase 11 also opened)))

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Hmm, that’s curious. If once again there is such a problem, i will need to try to do it

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Deleting the Cubase 12_64 folder worked for me. Thanks, Jerrydf

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Same issue on my notebook, I tried all recommended actions, none of them helped.
I’ve been using Cubase for 30 years, this seems like its most disastrous release ever.
(v12 is running fine on my desktop PC, though).

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This solution worked for me too. Thanks! Very curious. I do not recall having such issues i n the past

Hi, I have still the same issue and tried all the mentioned solutions as well.
Win 11 pro
Frustrating it is.

FWIW, on my fully updated Win10 PC, after trying to open C12 for the first time, it also hung on the video initializing. There was no way to close C12 at this point so I turned off my PC via a ‘hardboot’ and then restarted it. Everything worked fine after restarting, no trashing of Preferences here.

What do we lose doing this ?
I still want to use my Cubase 11 in some circonstances, I don’t want to be obliged to rename/re-rename the 11 and previous folders each time.
I hope a solution will be provided very soon.

EDIT: none solution works on my W10 (last) 8Go RAM P7 5700 with IGPU.
Cubase 12 Pro, previously Cubase Pro 11.
After moving somewhere else the video dll it stops on MMC Center, VST Mixer, etc.
I have tried all rename in App_Data/Steinberg.Cubase xxx
After a stop, I kill the process and restart, then I select delete preferences, and it starts, then I save project and close, on restart its stops again on VST Mixer…
Nothing stable. Abandonning, waiting a serious fix ASAP.

I must say that I have a similar laptop with 16 Go and I7-8650 where it started without any Pb ???

Dear Steinberg
After this update I can’t run cubase 12 and plus I have now issue with my UR44C sound card i can’t upload video but all my old projects unplayable.
Solution I need to format my drive or what ?
Greatest update ever ruined everything.

Check this Video

I had this problem too (Cubase 12 freezes at "Initalizing video player) during the first program startup.
Stoping the program and moving the folder “C:\Users[name]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64” solved the problem.
Once Cubase 12 restarted, the folder is rebuilt in the right location BTW (for both Cubase 11 and 12 versions)
Hope that helps


Title pretty much says it all. System is an i7-9700k 16gb Quadro P2200gpu focusrite clarett 4pre usb.
I tried turning off the plugins and preferences but no dice. Any ideas?