Cubase 12: Hard Crash With Native Instruments Effect Plugins

Dear Cubase Community, dear Steinberg

Cubase 12 puts various Native Instruments effect plugins into its blocklist (Choral, Raum etc., see screenshot).

Merely reactivating them, or adding them to an insert, immediately kills the Cubase 12 process

Would anybody of the community have time to briefly test this on their system, checking whether you have the same issue? (This happens on an Intel Macbook Pro, macOS Catalina, Cubase 12, all NI plugins updated and VST3)

@Matthias_Quellmann Is this a known issue with Cubase 12.0.0? Thanks for confirming!

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Ah, failed to mention: everything works fine in Cubase 11.0.41 on the exact same system :slight_smile:

All the best

Update: I’m aware that Catalina is not officially supported :face_with_monocle:

Could anyone who owns some NI effect plugins and is running Cubase 12 on either Big Sur or Monterey quickly test whether these plugins are also on your blocklist and cause Cubase 12 to crash? Would be highly appreciated :ok_hand:

Thanks again everyone

Some success I had recently with a blacklisted NI VST was to open the project in a previous version of Cubase that works, unblock list the plugin it in the plugin browser … save it as a Cubase 11 version … then open it in Cubase 12 … and it opened fine (despite hard crashing the first time I tried in 12).

However, I am on Monterey.

@JamesNorth Thanks for taking the time to respond! Happy to try out your workaround.

Nonetheless, would your experience confirm that you also had issues with NI (effect) plugins with Cubase 12, even on a supported macOS like Monterey?

Thanks & all the best

I didn’t have an issue with their plugins (I only use their Kontakt VSTi) but I recently attempted to open a project that was about 10 years old in order to do a new mix and it had references to Kontakt 5 (which is no longer supported). Cubase 12 just hard crashed when I opened it and marked it as blocklisted.

I managed to open the project in Cubase 10.5, unblock Kontakt 5 (which still lives in my VST plugins folder as I always migrate installs) … then save it as a 10.5 project … Immediately then I opened it in Cubase 12 and it worked great.

Thanks for clarifying @JamesNorth.

On my system, Kontakt 6.7 also works fine, it’s only the NI effect plugins (listed in the screenshot above) that are on the blocklist, and if reactivating them, they hard crash Cubase 12.

If anyone else in the community would have these plugins (Raum, Replika, etc., see screenshot) and could do a brief test on Big Sur or Monterey, this would be really helpful :slight_smile:

Just to clarify: this is independent of an actual project. Just starting Cubase 12, going to Studio → VST Plug-In Manager and seeing the plugins in the blocklist. Reactivating any of them causes Cubase 12 to hard crash.


reactivate them in an older version of Cubase, it won’t hard crash … save it in older Cubase version … then open in Cubase 12.

Thanks for making the effort @JamesNorth, unfortunately this doesn’t work, I just tried it.

The reason is quite simple I think. The blocklist is per Cubase version, so Cubase 12 has its own blocklist (including the NI effect plugins mentioned above). Cubase 11 doesn’t blocklist those plugins.

Simple test: I create a new Cubase 11 project with a single NI effect plugin on an audio track insert, then all is fine of course. Now when I open that Cubase 11 project in Cubase 12, then Cubase 12 will simply state that it can’t find the plugin (because it’s in Cubase 12’s blocklist!).

When I then reactivate the plugin in Cubase 12’s blocklist, Cubase crashes hard.

I hope I was able to better describe the situation.

All the best

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Interesting - well the difference is that I used Cubase 10.5 as the reactivation method … but following that path I managed to get a completely unsupported VST2 to work.

The preferences that Cubase 12 uses is absolutely linked … I discovered this in another thread I created with regards to Microphone access.

No, the preferences are not linked. Every version has its own preferences.

Yes, it’s also my observation that preferences are not linked. Thanks @st10ss

  • In Cubase 11, the NI effect plugins are not blocked, and usable
  • In Cubase 12, the NI effect plugins are blocked (and thus won’t load on any channel), and reactivating them will crash Cubase.

Do you have a M1 Mac? Maybe C12 is running native while C11 is running with Rosetta?

Thanks @st10ss, my configuration is

  • Intel Macbook Pro, macOS Catalina, Cubase 12, all NI plugins updated and VST3, and everything works fine in Cubase 11 on the exact same system, but Cubase 12 crashes when reactivating the NI effect plugins shown in the screenshot (first post)
  • (I’m aware that Catalina is not officially supported, so I’m curious if these crashes happen to people who are on Big Sur or Monterey)

So no M1! Hmmm… Was just a guess…

Correct. Intel Macbook Pro :slight_smile:

They do have their own files once installed but when Cubase 12 first runs it reads the preferences of older ones which can give incorrect info on what can and can’t be used (blocked) and this can cause issues.

In my case it didn’t do a plug-in scan and ask for permission to access the microphone.

Same here same hard crash in NI effects. any solution ?


Do you have *.crash/ips file to share, please?

The block list gets updated on every start of Cubase that is doing a plug-in scan. If something has changed in the plugin folders, it will trigger a plugin scan on the next start.