Cubase 12 is coming in 2022

I am very happy to see the skeptical view most of the users in this thread have. I am certainly among them. Asking critical questions is a good thing, pointing out the “bad” and comparing them to the “good” is another.
Question ?
Is the new copy protection going to impact performance in a positive way ?
Are we going to see faster startup times, less pinging the USB dongle must give some sort of benefit I would assume ?
I don’t mind my dongle at all, but if a performance gain would be added to the list of positives, that could make me reevaluate my decision to perhaps jump ship.

There are far too many threads and activity. This has already been answered and the answer is yes it should improve performance although it wasn’t quantified.

Yes it’s hard to get get a overview right now. But thanks for the information I will do a search, and keep an eye on official statements.

They would like the plugin vendors to update their stuff to VST3. VST2 has been dead for long time so this is not really a chocking news. There was some vendors that did bride software 32-64 bits plugins similar technique will for this. However I don’t think rosetta2 handle 32 bits intel.

It is good if they move to VST3, but most ported VST2 plugins miss a lots of features in VST3 format. They got the three sausages badge in cubase but they dont work.

People keep banging on about subscriptions. Where have Steingberg said they are introducing them?

They haven’t. But now that the infrastructure is in place…

It’s like holding an unlit cigarette on your lips for as long as possible. At some point, you’re going to light it up, even if you didn’t mean to.

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Propellerheads introduced subscriptions for Reason but you can still buy the product outright, though.

But, yeah, if a company goes subscription only then I’m out.

Steinberg has actively decided not to invest into VST 2 any more. The VST SDK is not supporting VST 2 since a couple of years. We are focusing on VST 3 as the modern and future proof technology. We are very open to work with 3rd party company on their transition to VST 3. NI has already released Kontakt as VST 3 and more will come from their side. Unfortunately UA is rather slow in this regards. If you don’t like that, please let them know.


It’s a shame MIDI plugins like CableGuys MIDIshaper and Xfer LFO Tool are stuck as VST2 plugins because VST3 does not fully support MIDI from what I understand…

Do you have any substantial information to back this statement?

I know that both companies would benefit a lot from the side chain support in VST3.

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I don’t doubt that they will offer all kinds of products, perpetual included. There’s no reason to completely cut off a portion of their users. It seems that subscription (as much as I don’t agree with the concept, or endorse it) offers benefits for both users and developers, otherwise it wouldn’t be that widespread. For me, a hobbyist, it’s not viable financially to be subscribed to many products at once. Before that age, I could save up and buy one product that I could keep for life, and year by year I gathered some instruments, effects, DAWs, notation programs etc. I can’t see how that would be possible if all these were on a monthly bill.

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It’s difficult to decipher but it has been discussed in the VST3 dev forums, I’m no expert, but I think VST3 only supports MIDI note out, not CC? It’s a very confusing discussion I don’t entirely understand. It appears the type of MIDI programming used for MIDI effects is no longer supported in VST3.

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There is actually a pretty big poverty/low-income benefit to the subscription model as, someone might not have $500 to buy software… but could sign up for a month or two for $40 or whatever and make an album, and that two months spent making an album… could in turn make them $500, or $500,000.

Interesting. I’ll talk to Arne about this.


I don’t discard the possibility of this. To me it’s a matter of commitment.

I can see myself subscribing to Photoshop for a month if I have a batch of photos to edit. Because you see, I know nothing about editing photos, so having a professional program just for 1 month sounds like a good deal to me, and it’s not likely that I’ll have any use for it afterwards. I could also download GIMP and pay nothing, but that’s veering off-topic.

But, if I want to have a tool at my disposal, kind of how I have a microphone in my locker, things change. I prefer to buy things and keep them, not lease them for two days or weeks.

Oh I’m with you on that… Phone bill, electricity bill, internet bill, Netflix, car insurance, Spotify… I really don’t need/want to be paying monthly bill on my art tools.

I’m still grasping onto my Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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Just slightly edited you quote

Thank you for the feedback. I will close this topic now.