Cubase 12 light theme

Here again another random user asking for a light color scheme (black lettering on white background).

Unfortunately, I’m one of that tiny percentage of people (less than 1% mabybe?) who gets a headache if he stands for more than 2 minutes in front of a software with dark theme (white lettering on dark background) and what is worse is that in recent years this fashion of proposing dark theme has worsened to the point that many software (professional and not) propose ONLY the dark theme, forgetting that there are poor losers, like me, who unfortunately cannot handle it and unable us to work in front of the pc.

Last time I used Cubase was in 2009 with Cubase 5. Back in that days I had no vision problems but now I do and I would love to get back into the music with my favorite daw. So question is: before buying version 12, there is any chance to set color scheme to light theme or something similar?

Thank you

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Really, trialing the software is the only way you can know if it’s for you.

But here’s a thread with some images and a preset

I too miss a light color scheme dearly.
Please allow users to have a choice of presets, dark and light.

No need for multiple topics for this, please use