Cubase 12 Menu Lag - Very Slow and Delayed Opening

Slow and Delayed Menus In Cubase 12

I currently have Cubase 11 (latest patched version) and the trial version of Cubase 12 installed on the same system (an EliteBook 8570W workstation laptop with 24GB RAM and 2 SSD drives - 500GB system, 1TB samples - running a fully-patched Windows 10 Pro).

Cubase 11 is incredibly stable, fast and runs near-flawlessly.

Cubase 12 is working and appears relatively stable thus far; however, the menus are incredibly slow at opening. When clicked, all of the DAW’s menus pause for around 250ms on the top level menu name … and then take anything up to 2secs to fully open, i.e. unfold from top to bottom (for the longer menus)!

Without rebooting if I start up Cubase 11, there are no issues.

Returning and re-opening v12 (again without rebooting), the slow menu problem remains.

Both versions employ the Steinberg power scheme and nothing else changes between closing and opening the other version.

There are no nVidia-specific profiles set up for either DAW and no such issues exist elsewhere (including on Photoshop and other resource-intensive apps) and the HiDPI settings are identical for both versions of Cubase.

Please help - I’d really like to upgrade ASAP, if for nothing more than the MIDI Remote feature.

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Hi @steveecrane

I am going to investigate. Will let you know next week, if not feel free to send me a reminder.


Thank you @Armand - I appreciate it!

I raised the same issue and got told by a random person that it was normal…
Apparently some programs do that too, but still the great majority don’t. So why not make Cubase not do that ?

Well, Louis, it’s certainly not normal and has only ever occurred a few times (twice!) in my 30-plus years of using aps with a GUI … and then it was down to those apps having poorly written code.

In this instance, it’s not the Title Bar, it’s the actual opening of the menus. And it’s not even just a ‘fixed’ delay, per se: the menus themselves slowly ‘unravel’. Ergo, larger menus take much longer to open.

These issues literally make the entire DAW unusable. Cubase v11 is absolutely fine.

I think I’ll post a video later…


I appear to have found a solution (if not a root cause) to the laggy menus within my Cubase v12 install.

All I did was re-install the version of nVidia graphics drivers I had been successfully using with v10 and v11 ( not the latest version, I hasten to add) just in case something untoward had been changed (or overwritten) whilst installing Cubase v12.

During that install routine, I accepted the option that the process offered to ‘default’ all graphics settings … and it appears to have cured the issue entirely. TbH I’m not entirely sure which settings would’ve been non-standard … but perhaps something was (I certainly don’t remember changing anything significant).

Anyways, I am now about to start editing some past projects - and hopefully create some new ones - and will update you in due course.

I hope this helps somebody - and helps inform Steinberg’s developers’ lines of enquiry - but it might be worth a try for some of the other GUI issues out there which users are experiencing!

Kind regards,



Hi Steeve!

Glad to hear you could identify the potential root cause!

Generally speaking the nVidia drivers are so unstable with our application that we recommend using the integrated graphics if possible. Have you tried this option? By right-clicking on your application (I believe it doesn’t work through shortcuts) you should have this option:



Sorry for taking so very long to respond - I’ve been busy intensively training for a series of long cycle events for charity as well as an overly-extended process for appointing a new CEO … so I’ve not been making music in any form!

At the moment, the system appears stable (again) so I’m keen not to upset that! If the problem - or anything similar - raises its head again I will, of course, attempt to use the vanilla graphics driver approach as you suggested. For now, I’m a great fan of the old adage: “…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, no more so than where music software is concerned!

Thanks again and my apologies once again for the delay in responding.