Cubase 12 Menu Rendering Bug


Whenever I click a menu, the title shifts down, and the menu isn’t quite attached to the bottom of the menu bar. I’m using Windows 10 Pro, with 100% display scaling setting, on a pair of 2560x1440 monitors driven by a GeForce RTX graphics card.

EDIT: my inability to reproduce seems to have been related to the fact that the issue occurs in a rather specific use case (see post and link by @Timo below)

That happened to me once, but I can’t recall how or what led to it.

Yes. Repro here:

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Unfortunately, my workflow includes opening windows that have been saved maximized all the time, and I generally open them from the Recent menu. It’s almsot the only kind of project I open :slight_smile: (Why would anyone work with an un-maximized window?)

because it’s buggy? :rofl:

I can live with the bug, even though it’s annoying.
I can’t live with fewer pixels to put my content in, though!

Seems to work just fine here on a MacBook.

I see this randomly, too. It happens in Cubase 11 Pro and Cubase 12 Pro.

I’m having a similar issue (re: the menu bar’s rendering/positioning) with both Nuendo and Cubase, across mutliple recent versions, related to the position of the Windows task bar (left/top vs. right/bottom).

Not as severe as the snap point offset bug…