Cubase 12 midi issue

Hi guys,
I did an update for Cubase 12 the same day that it came out.
The problem is that the midi remote doesn’t work correct for me.
I have the akai mpk 249 and it works only for 3 seconds.
Does anybody have the same issue with me? I’m pretty sure that is a bug and i’m waiting for a new update that hopefully steinberg is gonna fix.
I’m really dissapointed because this was the reason that i bought this new update.


What makes it working again, please?

Where did you get the script/json?

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I’m really sorry i didn’t understand the question

I believe the MIDI Remote is only pre-programmed for the Akai MPK Mini Mk3. And not any other Akai controller:

There’s also this related older forum thread:

EDIT: Your best chance would probably be to make your own setup for your model of controller:

On the outside chance that you’re much adventurous and into programming, there’s an interesting video of someone who has made a different Akai controller work. But it’s not for everyone, since it involves changing JavaScript programming code. It’s not even for your particular model, but just in case you’re interested anyway: