Cubase 12 not recognizing VST plug-ins, no recent session list & rewire issue

Updated from Cubase 11 Pro to Cubase 12 Pro on a PC running Windows 10. Komplete Kontrol (Native Instruments plug-in) is not showing in Cubase 12 Pro as well as several other plug ins. I’m having trouble finding the appropriate VST folder for my Native Instruments plug-ins to scan for. I would assume they would be located on my C drive. Also, I noted that Cubase 12 did not save any of my recent project sessions on the recent files list - it is blank, meaning I’m having to go in and boot directly the .cpr files/session files. Cubase 12 also complained about my Rewire connection to Reason (propellerhead program that runs in conjunction with session outside of Cubase) of a session that was created and ran fine in Cubase 11 Pro.

btw, Rewire has been removed from Cubase 12

That’s unfortunate. Thanks for the info.

Hey @BongoJohn, do you have NI effects plugins as well? Are they on your Cubase 12’s blocklist?

I have a related issue with Cubase 12 crashing with various NI plugins, I’ve posted it about here: Cubase 12: Hard Crash With Native Instruments Effect Plugins

All the best