Cubase 12 performance is a nightmare

Ok. I just saw this the other day and thought it was worth a try.

Im thankful for you warriors. No need at all to upgrade to C12

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Same erratic behaviour on my side and as with all others in this post, Cb 11 is just fine. Cb 12 is totally unreliable. To be honest, this version 12 is the worst update in all these years. It’s been several months now since it’s release and there is still no solution. Such basic core functionality and it’s just not working as it should. All software / drivers / plugins I use are up to date.


I have to add something: just after posting this I fired up Cb 12 with a project I have been working on a while ago and everything seems stable! The only thing that was changed since the last time was the update for Spectral Layers 9… I think it might have come with a new licence-server update?! Does that make the difference?

This is true, low-latency is something i forgot using C12. C11 is only and one solution.

I don’t use Spectralayers at all, so I don’t think it may be a problem.
Most of the time (not always) C12 works well with bigger buffers, the main problem is low latency performance which is critical for me.

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Cubase performance seems horrendous to me. It now spikes over 100% on a single instrument that used to run without issue back in Cubase SX.

Despite my system being unfathomably more powerful now and actual CPU performance hanging around 7%, Cubase struggles so hard, and freezes/crashes constantly.

I don’t understand what is impacting the performance so much. It’s such a shame because I really love Cubase.


So sorry to hear this, it will be fixed eventually, I suggest if none of your efforts to resolve the issue work, to perhaps go back to 11 and wait until a working update is released.

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i am facing the same issue on my i9 12900K , Asus Z590 Hero MB . the random spikes are just terrible to control even after doing all the optimization . is there a detailed step by step procedure to get by this issue . have been a cubase user since 10 years in mac never faced this issue but recently i switched to windows and i am getting mad to solve this . please help

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Still got random spikes on M1 MBP
Still unusable on 32smpls buffer while C11 works smooth and with a lot of performance headroom

I have read on another thread of the differences in the CPU meter, so I do understand that, however, arrangements that play fine in C11 with little to mid stress on the CPU, will not play back on C12 for me. Simple 5 note chords that barely register on the CPU meter in C11, cause clicks and problems in C12 - same audio setup and settings that run fine on C11, so the difference has to be down to C12! - Windows 10 - High Spec PC - no problems with heavy arrangements in Reaper, Bitwig or Cubase 11 - impossible on Cubase 12…


Well, case closed then…Steinberg have to go back to the drawing board. There is a real danger in starting to lose thousands of their customers.


This might be a little exaggerated. The vast majority doesn’t seem to have these issues. Does not mean, that the fix for this shouldn’t be high priority, I think it absolutely should be, but they probably wont lose thoursands of their customers because of that.

Well, we don’t know that. The vast majority is also not here, on this forum. So if any people , with an average computer, which , let’s be honest, is the majority of the users have these sort of issues which render working with Cubase impossible, they will look for other outlets.

I keep hearing more and more about Reaper and Bitwig lately.

I think people jumping ship is not a probability but the way things go, a certainty.

In all honesty, I am also thinking jumping ship, I LOVE Cubase and I respect Steinberg, but damn it, it’s getting harder and harder working with this program.

You get all these guys and gals on sponsored videos talking about how awesome Cubase is, and it is, until everything goes to hell, it’s just so infuriating.

Especially after spending a ton of money on the program…

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Well we “know” that Cubase and Nuendo have millions of users world wide and as long as everything works for you and you don’t have any issues or questions, you probably wont even use the forum. So this forum is already filled mostly with people having issues. And of these forum members only a part is having these performance issues, of which most seem to be Mac users, which can have

So even if it feels like there are “thousands” of people affected by these performance issues over here, its most probably way less.

Again, this does not mean, SB should not do everything they can do, to fix this, but keep in mind, every system is different and very often the issue lays somewhere else, on third party apps/hardware and/or outdated or buggy plugins.
But: I am observing these performance threads, even if I am not affected, and I am pretty sure, that for some people C12 is indeed the culprit.

Time will tell, I suppose.

I am also on the silent majority. I have horrendous problems with C11 but I keep silent most of the time and I research, here sometimes. Many are like this. I am just saying that Steinberg shouldn’t be resting on the “loyal” clientele, because patience has its boundaries. Mine has certainly been tested many times.

And yes, it seems C12 has come with a lot of issues…

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Absolutey, completely agree with you.
I was at a similar point as you. Fortunately I never had serious issues with Cubase in general like you seem to have, but lots of inconsistencies were/are driving me nuts. Until now I think I opened over 30 issue threads and about the same amount of feature request threads.

On the other hand I have to say, that there exists no other DAW which has that many features and allows you to practically record, produce, mix and master all in one, no matter the genre you’re working on.
I also tried out all other big DAWs out there, from Reaper to Protools, over Logic to Studio one (Ableton and FL did not make it in my closer selection, as I am rarely working in electronic music) and all I can say is, that even if some things may be better solved in another DAW, in general Cubase wipes the floor with them.
Some features are implemented way worse, or are completely missing, the performance on some is worse (of course if you’re not one of those who have performance issues in general), incompatible hardware, bugs over bugs, etc.

Now I am coming from an IT background, worked in a support staff for a software developing company for about 10 years and had also some smaller projects where I was responsible for the code. A big software like Cubase or Nuendo is pretty damn hard to get right for everyone, I get that.
But there are some ways to improve on that, by i.e. offering open beta testings, publishing release schedules and just a more open communication.

I am sure a lot of people here in this thread would be glad to join a small testing team to help solve these performance issues.

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Yeah, that’s my issue in moving to another DAW.

Simply put, Cubase has made it impossible to move into another DAW because its features are incredible.

Not only that , but they have thrown in some insanely incredible plugins that have made my life a lot easier, especially when producing synth sounds.

But, I am working with really heavy projects (film scores) and all is lovely and amazing when I start a session. 10/10 times, when I am about to finish the damn thing , it all goes to hell, without fail.
Spikes, crashes, the lot.

Lately, I had a session getting stuck on a random bar and looping itself for absolutely no reason…when that happens, there is no way out, the file gets corrupted.

If there was an equal program without so many bugs, I would have bolted out of Cubase a long time ago, and that’s a sad thing to say, bearing in mind that I am a loyal, long time client…

Exact same boat as you. I’m using Studio One 5 until things get sorted out. Same projects, no spikes.

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