Cubase 12 performance is a nightmare

I’m loyal customer since Cubase 6, and I have never had such a problem like this

Cubase 12 asio performance is a complete nightmare! Especially, low-latency performance. I usually track instruments with my old MBP 15 late 2013 and Presonus Quantum 2626 on lowest 32 smpl buffer (less than 2ms) and all was working great until Cu12 out. It’s just a catastrophe! Monitoring 14 tracks of drumset with only trigger and sole hp filters inserted becomes available only on 256 samples buffer! Cu11 can run really heavy projects on 256 samples? and it’s totally unacceptable for recording drums.

Also 12.0.30 brings me a crash every time I’m trying to close Cubase, and, of course, some random crashes time after time wich I’m in peace with for many years

Please fix it asap! It’s really important for me. I live in Ukraine and putin’s warpigs stay 35km away from my home. If they occasionally move a couple km forward, their artillery will reach my house and then I’m forced to leave my city with only backpack on my shoulders, so dongle-free operation is the main reason to spend 100 euro to update my main software in March, when 30% of my country was occupied by fascist russia’s horde, when evacuation from Mariupol was blocked and thousands of people were killed every day there, when mass-killing of civilians in Bucha, Irpen and Hostomel was happening, when I’m lost 100% of my income and I’de rather donate 100 euro extra to Ukrainian Army instead of buying absolutely unusable update to Cubase

Please, make it alive


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please, make sure you have the latest Cubase 12.0.30 installed and your plug-ins are up to date.

Attach some of the (Cubase 12.0.30) DMP files, please.

Hello, thanks for reply!
Here are some crash logs for last days, but main thing I need to be fixed is asio performance, because newly installed latest version of Cubase 11 run on low latency very smooth

I have newly reinstalled macos with all latest versions of software
Cubase 12_2022-06-10-091635_Antons-MacBook-Pro.crash (107.4 KB)
Cubase 12_2022-06-09-170203_Antons-MacBook-Pro.crash (112.3 KB)
Cubase 12_2022-06-11-162331_Antons-MacBook-Pro.crash (304.5 KB)
Cubase 12_2022-06-10-231951_Antons-MacBook-Pro.crash (144.7 KB)
Cubase 12_2022-06-11-141447_Antons-MacBook-Pro.crash (107.6 KB)

Have you had a look at the hardware requirements for C12? They are more restricted than previous versions.

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They are ok
And i don’t think that terrible asio spikes in such a light project could be related to hardware


I agree in that performance is a nightmare! It must be the worst
DAW in that aspect…

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I have them to on mac mini m1 Cubase under rosetta

Cubase 11 is flawless on the same setup


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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Thank you! Hope they will fix it

I agree with you about the 12.0.30 performance. I have switched back to 11 due to all the issues with 12.
I am having random crashes, very high cpu spikes and high average. Every time I attempt an audio export it crashes. This not acceptable!


Same here with the cpu spikes. I cannot even create music regardless the buffer size. This bug came with 12.0.30


I get average peak going red a lot, but no glitches
The metering needs looking at and there was no mention in the new update.
I have no problems with my Genos and editing midi and no problems with a 20 track wave coversion.
I do find at the moment that things are looking up.
But if someone wo has 60 tracks , i could not comment on that.
When i disabled the monitor ous in control room and reingaged them the average peak meter would not peak.

+1…Shame on C12 audio performances


Dropouts, spikes, random crashes. Something changed between C11 and C12 related to how memory and VSTs are handled.
I can be working on a project for a while with no problem, then the project rolls along, meters flashing, but there’s no sound. Eventually flickers back on, but cubase is no longer useable.


They dropped the dongle. I’m guessing that could affect a lot of things. My transition has been pretty smooth but I have noticed a few crashes that seem plug related. The GUI behaves pretty sluggish from time to time as well but audio performance is solid. C12 seems to be a bit of a crap shoot tbh.


I’m using Macbook 2.5 GHz i7 with 16GB Ram OS 12.4. Cubase 12 will run a big project fine & then after a while the asio guard meter & the other two will slowly start going up until they reach the top & then performance is awful until I try again another day & then repeat! Doesn’t matter if you bypass all the plugins, once this behaviour starts then the performance is terrible no matter what you do.
With previous cubase versions the audio performance levels would always be stable, never wildly moving up & down.
If anyone knows a way to fix this I would be eternally grateful as the only fix I can think of is not using cubase 12.


Try it on lowest buffer, and it’s even worst

Do you run with ASIO guard?

Doesn’t matter