Cubase 12 pro shutdown issues

Nothing happens before the crash on exit. Cubase simply goes into spinning beach ball, and the only resolution is to force quit. The one thing that is consistent is that it usually occurs after the program sits idle for a long time, like overnite. That’s the only consistent thing that I’ve been able to find - inactivity for a long time.

looks like 12.0.30 is unstable, im now getting a window popping up saying a serious error has occured and ive lost my project, WTF !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :man_shrugging:

This is Cubase 12.0.20, please update to the latest 12.0.30.

please see my previous post

ive been having this issue (i started a thread about this) with Windows 10.
To me it happens more if CB 12 is open for along period of time. Sometimes ill leave it sitting open over night, and i know the next day it wont close properly, even though i have no issues actually using it
I have seen an improvement since the last update, but will be keeping an eye on it.

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I can’t shut down Cubase or Nuendo if I leave them running over night. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Cubase
  2. Work all day
  3. Go to sleep
  4. Return in the morning, try to quit Cubase
  5. It hangs and I have to force quit it.

This also happens with Nuendo. 12.x on Mac Big Sur 11.2.1

It’s one of those little painful things that adds up to a making the user experience a little sadder than it should be.

– Jason

PS - You know what never hangs or crashes? Reaper. Just sayin’…

It’s -not- C12. I’ve been complaining about this very thing since C9? C10? So long I’ve forgotten. And what every smartypants person always says is “Update your driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivers”. Which gets -old- mate. Or… “It’s just what happens when Windows goes to sleep. What can you expect, dude?” Nice. Or “It -must- be a bad plug-in. Stop using cheap plugs!” Asshole.

Yes. When you leave a CPR open at night, come back in the AM, it’s stuck. Sometimes. No discernible pattern. Tried for years. VST2, VST3, makes no diff.


I’ve basically resigned myself to adding 5 extra minutes in the morning for a reboot. It’s become ‘normal’ workflow’.

It happens to me after just a few hours , doesnt have to be overnight. I also get big distortion from my audio interface if its left for a while, I have to reset it. Doesnt seem to be any discernible pattern

Cubase 64bit 2022.6.17 (1.4 MB)

This was generated yesterday, so after my upgrade to 12.0.30

My very marginal machine (see profile) hasn’t crashed with Cubase 12.0.30 open all night on the two or three times I’ve tested that.

Updated to 12.0.30 I still have shutdown issue

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@suntower I think you’re right. It has been happening for many versions. I just took a two version break from Steinberg to work with Reaper and I am just now returning to C12 and N12.

Having restart/reboot be part of “normal workflow” is the kind of workflow that loses customers.

Just happened again this morning. Shut down C12 last night, but forgot about N12. As soon as I tried to do something in it, beach ball → Force Quit…

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It actually seems to be worse in 12.0.30

This is bloody ridiculous, 12.0.30 seems far worse than the previous version, Im getting this shut down crash pretty much all the time now. WTF !!! why cant Steinberg do some proper bloody testing and NOT release crap software !!!

Because on my system and on many others it just works. Probably they had a system similar to mine to test and could solve it there. Now after the release there are some people like you who still have issues, which means they have to look into it again.

In this case its just unfortunate, but there were other issues like the one with blank space around 3rd party plugins, which would have been really easy to spot. It is really a miracle to me how they could not see that when testing.

Actually you do yourself a favor when rebooting your PC in the morning, or even shut it down at night and power up in the morning. Apart from the unnecessary power consumption when leaving your system on all the time, computers run better and have less issues in general when rebooting them frequently.

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I don’t know if this is the solution for all users since it affects windos and Mac, but under W10 and C12.0.30 (build 286), it seems that I no longer have any problems (peaks, crash at closure,
crash at opening projects etc etc) by uninstalling microsoft update KB5013887 & KB5014699 (the last update proposed by Windowd Update).

I don’t know how they can affect C12, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, the fact is a lot of audio problems are now fixed and make my C12 usable.

I hope this can help some of you.


The crash is in the Panflow plug-in. Please, get in touch with the plug-in vendor.


Attach Cubase 12.0.30 crash/dmp file(s), please.

I have no crash/dmp file.
The issue is, that the shutdown takes over a minute (with an empty project and no saving)