Cubase 12 - Re-opening project changes levels

I’ve been noticing a very concerning behaviour on Cubase 12

Everyday I work on a mix I save a new project with the, 02.03, 03.03, etc…)

I opened the latest project of a mix I’m working on and noticed that the group track on the “Instrumental” has been moved up from 0 to 0,79db.

  • I am sure I haven’t changed this, since I don’t move this group fader ever
  • In the previous version of the project the fader is at 0
  • The only correction the client wanted between the two projects was to lower the bass, so I know I haven’t touched anything else
  • I also noticed certain FX tracks having different volumes between the latest and previous project.
  • I’ve noticed this happening before when using a VCA track, but never on random tracks like this before

Any ideas what can cause this?

The only controller I have connected is a Novation Launchpad X, but it stays turned off until I need it.


Is there VCA track involved in other project, you opened by any chance?

There isn’t a VCA in either versions of the project
But even if there was why would that be relevant for such a strange behaviour?


Because there is a bug in VCA, which could cause something like this.

Any plans to fix it sometimes?

Amazing…. What does this bug consist of?
Does it affect all tracks in the project or only ones controlled by the VCA?


The bug is nicely described here.

Only tracks conrtolled by the VCA.