Reproducible VCA Automation Bug Cubase 12.0.52

Just an update here, from deep within the rabbit hole.

No solution in sight. I won’t bore you with which actions of mine had no effect, however I can now cause this from within Cubase, not only on a first boot-up, but any time, simply by switching between projects (activating them), and strategically placing my cursor between the switch. I can’t wait to get home to my unaffected system to see if I can trigger this.

I’ll write down my test right below, if anyone wants to give it a go, I won’t be able to test this for at least 4 hours.

Setup two projects

Project A

  1. Create 4 Audio Tracks Connected to a Single VCA Fader, all faders at unity gain.

  2. Create automation points on the VCA track as follows.
    Bar 0: 0.0
    Bar 1: +1.0
    Bar 2: +2.0
    Bar 3: +3.0
    Bar 4: +4.0
    Bar 5: +5.0
    Bar 6: +6.0

  3. Set the playback cursor to bar 0. Don’t close the project. Create a new project:

Project B

A completely blank project

perform this Repro sequence:

  1. Activate project B. Place the playback cursor at bar 3.
  2. Go to project A and activate it. Open the mixconsole.
  3. Observe if the VCA fader is at unity gain, but the audio faders are positioned at -3dB.

Edit: Just reproduced on my main system! @fese, can you give the test a go and see if this method causes it for you too?
Actually, anyone? @Thomas_127 , @jim_griff , @Pablin_Drummer