Cubase 12 Tempo Detection and Time Warp tool gone crazy

So there’s a bug in Cubase 12 with both the “Tempo Detection” and the “Time Warp” tool, which causes the ruler display to change from “Bars+beats” to “Time” by default, either after using “Tempo Detection” and closing its panel, or after using the “Time Warp” tool and selecting a different tool.

This can really throw you off if you’re not quick enough to notice it, because it’ll seem as if all of your audio tracks got scrambled away from the grid. This did not happen in previous versions of cubase, and I lost about 20 minutes of valuable work time trying to figure it out, so wanted to let you guys know just in case.

The solution of course is, once you close the “Tempo Detection” panel, to click on the downright arrow to the right of your ruler, and set the top item back to “Bars+beats” (not Seconds). Same thing for when you’re done using the “Time Warp” tool, and select a different tool like the arrow, for example.

This will set the ruler display back to musical bars and beats, and your audio clips should seem like they fall back into the correct place.


You’re not alone, same here :smiley: Hope the guys will get it on the next update cause it’s time consuming

thanks for the info and please file this as a bug/support ticket if you haven’t already. this is something that will affect me when i eventually upgrade.

Hi, same here. Still with this bug in version 12.0.10

Still the same in 12.0.20 :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face: