Cubase 12 trial install on second computer


I just recently installed cubase 12 on a computer back home in europe. I relocated to asian-pacific. New host computer. Installed cubase without problems. All the extras. But missing instruments (kits). Library manager showes everything is ok. Website (my account) shows the added computer and valid license for a few months. Download assisstant everything installed and no errors. Still not kits showing up when I want to add an instrument?


Hi @jokaim.sandstrom

Check under your registered product in the Download Assistant if there are other libraries that you haven’t installed yet:

The problem seems to be in the “groove agent”. The kits are downloaded but I cant load any of sets. There is a stop sign hovering over each and every one… See screenshot below. So situation is affecting groove agent only. Any ideas?


I have a feeling that maybe during installation at some critical point my internet connection timed out. Could something like that cause this situation? I cant see any way to reinstall only groove agent? Maybe I just do the whole thing again.

Hi @jokaim.sandstrom

Thanks for the screenshot.
Please try the following: