Cubase 12 update practise with upgrade 10.5 to 11 [SOLVED]

Nope. I didn’t skip any steps. I have upgraded Cubase on a regular basis since before it was called Cubase!
Just contact customer support with your issue and even if it does take them a little longer to reply (given that they just released a new, major version), they will sort it out for you. Kicking and screaming in here is not going to help.

Please read my first post, it states what’s happend … Normalyy I have good experience with Steinberg for over 15 years … however this completly shocked me in how they think they can wrap my issue off.

Try to read what I have written, I came from support with no solutions after a whole week spending time on this …

For the record dear poeple this is my FIRST rant against Steinberg, never had to … but this is shameless business … no other words possible!

To be fair, you didn’t share specific details of what actually transpired. I’m sure all will be sorted for you.

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What happend is the following;

I updated since Cubase SX every update, so in November 2021 all the updates where on sale and it was stated very clearly that every license bought and not activated would work to update to 12 …

But my case is an exception because I already updated from 10.5 to 11 pro,
this means the license I have now won’t work…

Getting support to recognize this situation didn’t work or they simply hadn’t time to seriously look into this, I just get a quoute that I already updated and that;s it period … also no refunds becuase it’s been to long ago and no new license … So my only options is to sell this to an Cubase 10.5 pro user.

Did contact support and this is the outcome

On what date did you activate the Cubase 11 update? An update from Cubase pro 10.5 to Cubase Pro 11 activated after November 9, 2021 should automatically be Grace Period Eligible.

There have been some problems, and they appear to be being ironed out.

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I’m beginning to understand.

You updated from Cubase 10.5 to 11 at some point before Nov 9, 2021

Then you bought another update on Nov 25.

You tried to use it, expecting to be updated to C12. But since (according to Support) an update had already been applied you could not activate the update bought on Nov 25.

Do I have that right?


Well, I am a Cubase 11 Pro user and I am also not getting a free update to Cubase 12, period. By my understanding, only in this specific period of time any purchased but not activated license was eligable for the free Cubase 12 update. If you activated during or purchased (and/or activated) before, then you are out of the game. That’s how it was communicated imho.

fyi, only the activation date matters. You could have bought an update in 1962, if it was available, and when that is activated, the current version license is granted.

Actually, nothing different was done here for C12. The release was late, but the Grace Period started on the same day it would have, had the C12 been released on time.

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Hi @mroekalea, just to make sure that I understand correctly: You updated from Cubase 10.5 to 11 in November 2020, but then you bought the same update again in November 2021 because you thought that this would get you Cubase 12?

And since it is now a couple of month ago, AskNet won’t give you a refund?

Alright, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: I was anyway not one of the ones, as I activated Cubase 11 long ago :wink:

Strictly, Steinberg don’t owe you anything - you bought the wrong product a long time ago. I’m sure they will sort this for you, but raising an external complaint over this is way over the top. I hope you will now withdraw it.

Shameless Practice - I don’t think so.

This is the case with Steinberg, asknet has been notified and try to solve this with Steinberg.
The gap of 3 months and release of Cubase 12 is logical and my fault to be burdened with.

Maybee you should read the case better, however if it were your money you wpuld be looking from a different angle aint it?

My license can’t be activated, it’s registered but unactivated, the update policy once a type off license is upgraded it cannot upgraded a 2nd time steps in… However in November it was litterly shouted out in the sale that every license bought now was updateble to Cubase 12, only requirement was version matching … Now it seems that nobody at Steinberg recalls this .

I’m sure the Steinberg folks will take care of you, and that’s what’s important.

Unfortunately you were mistaken in your understanding of the update Grace Period Offer, but what’s important is that the final outcome will make you whole. The product manager has personally intervened already, which I think bodes well.

In my opinion Steinberg has been candid and responsive in the forums in regard to such difficulties, including posting outside of work hours late at night. Hardly shameless.


Yes exactly

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So still hanging here with a unusable license … Support has given the final statement that I bought the wrong update, they won’t go the extra mile for me… So maybee I pull the curtain and start making music again with other software … been an Cubbie for more then 20 years … sad!

So Matthias have you looked into my support case? I hope you can sort things out.
Still no solution or acceptable answer.

support request (ticket ID #465007)

It is like the support told you. You have bought the wrong update. You can return the license even after 3 months and you will get your money back. That’s the solution we can offer you.