Cubase 12 Upgrade ASIO-Guard Issue

Thanks Chriss! I appreciate the update and the information. It does provide some degree of comfort knowing there is an identifiable root cause for the issues I’m having. At the very least, this will keep me from obsessively tinkering with my system trying to find a fix! I look future to the future updates.

Thank you again for your participation in the thread and for adding to the constructive, cooperative nature of the discussion. I hope everyone’s contributions here has helped in some small way to improve Cubase moving forward. From this type of positive exchange, we all benefit in the end!

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Do you have any kind of time frame for this fix? I track live drums, etc., so setting buffers high isn’t an option for me, and I won’t go back to direct monitoring, since I haven’t had to use that for a few years at least. I have tried some of the suggestions listed here, but if you have a good workaround I have missed I would like to hear what it is. I have been tracking in 11 and porting to 12, as well as tracking with the pops and clicks, which don’t show up in the recorded files amazingly. Any suggestions would be helpful, and a time frame for the fix would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Yep, would definitely like to know the time frame for when this ASIO Guard spike issue can be fixed.
I currently have not much drop outs once I’ve activated the Steinberg Power Scheme, however, I do know there is a CPU allocation problem with ASIO Guard because it still spikes, and a sample library I’m currently using that uses up more CPU than RAM, has audio dropouts.

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Hi Chriss,
I just downloaded the 12.010 Version and tested the performance:
On my system I now get about the same ressource/performance behaviour as in Cubase 11.
The spikes seem to have gone away and the windows ressource monitor shows values that compare to the (lower) Cubase 11 value.
Great job and many thanks to the team!
Cheers Tom


@Scrummy , @Teo: the 12.0.10 update improves the Midi device handling and solves performance issues in that area - which seems to make things better for @jazztom and hopefully many more users (Thanks for your feedback!).
The update does unfortunately not provide the solution for the decline in real time performance (hence, the crackles, dropouts, stop-and-go events when record-arming Midi/ VSTi tracks at low latency). The solution for these issues will be part of the next update (no release date specified yet, sorry).


Hi Chriss,

thanks again for Your great support!
Is there a changelog or feature list for the 12.010 update?

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Going counter to advice, I changed my Kontakt VST plugin to multi-core instead of none WITHIN Cubase, and now it’s all good. No more dropouts.

Sorry for the false alarm!

12.0.10 update is actually worse for me.

Now the ASIO Guard spikes are not as bad, but realtime and peak and pushing like mad, and I’m getting even more audio dropouts than before!


Yes, the info has been added to the release notes on the website:

thanks a lot Martin!
Cheers Tom

Please let us know if you are still experiencing performance issues with Cubase 12.0.10 here: Cubase 12.0.10 - performance issues