Cubase 12 VCA recall bug

When opening a project with VCA automations, sometimes the tracks within the VCA group are not at the same level that they were originally saved as. I’m having trouble replicating it consistently but it’s happen on multiple occasions on mixes and makes me weary of using VCA’s. Opening a session and having the tracks in the VCA at a completely different fader level is devastating. I’ve had to go back to older saved sessions and see what the fader levels were at in a previous session.

Some people have outlined a similar problem here: [CAN-10904] Major VCA fader bug when saved with VCA all the way down! - #29 by MaxNorman

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Please create initial Volume Automation Points on the according Channels.

Hi Martin, just to be clear - In a VCA with 10 channels, you’re suggesting that the workaround is to create an automation point on each track? That makes changing the fader value for each individual track a bit more cumbersome but if that’s the workaround I suppose it’s worth it to not have the mix completely ruined.

Any idea if steinberg is aware and working to fix?



Yes, please.

Yes, Steinberg is aware of this.