Cubase 12 Verification Still Pending


I started this thread hoping to get some help from you, given that the two tickets I opened (the first one last month) have still no answers - #465648 and #471925

Last month I received an email saying that my Cubase Artist 12 verification is pending and it will stop working in a few days. At the moment I only have 3 days left and I have no idea of what to do.

But let’s start from the beginning.

So, early March I bought the Upgrade from Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Artist 12 and got the Download Access Code.

When I use that code in the Steinberg Download Assistant it confirms I can upgrade Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Artists 12.

And so far so good, but the problem happens when I click on ‘Upgrade’. The eLicenser Control Center opens up and I notice that the license code is wrong, because it says ‘Cubase Artists 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12)

And of course, if I click on continue, the eLicenser doesn’t find any proper license because I don’t have Cubase Artist 11.

For the last - almost - 30 days I haven’t been able to solve this problem nor heard anyone from Steinberg’s support.

Do you guys have any idea about what I could do?


First thing that comes to mind is open Steinberg Activation Manager and have a look what it says there.


“Hello @Matthias_Quellmann
Another person with massive license issues… maybe you can help him better than we can…”

I hope Mathias can help you soon…

Thanks @st10ss

Here’s what I have in the Steinberg Activation Manager

So, problem solved?

Not really. It seems there’s still a mismatch between the code I have and the product I bought and I can’t verify the software

Hi @Skulcar, I’ll sent you a PM with a new DAC.


Thanks again Matthias for the new code. Everything is finally fine!

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Hello Matthias! I’m having the same issue! Can you help me please?

Have you followed the verification steps?

Please connect your USB-eLicenser dongle to your computer if you’re updating from a previous version of Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro.

Indeed, i did follow the steps, but it looks like this doesn’t help. As i did mention before, i have the same issues!

Are you sure you purchased the correct update? Run the eLicenser Control Center to check which Cubase license you have, then take a look at your receipts/purchase confirmation email to check which upgrade you purchased.

What do they say?

i purchased: Cubase Pro 12 Update from Cubase Pro 11
and my license on the eLLC says: Cubase Pro 11… Were there any updates on cubase 11 that could affect this??

Hi @Anghel_Flavius, actually your Cubase 11 license is eligible for the free Grace period update. Please contact Asknet to return your update purchase and follow the instructions to get your free update to Cubase 12:

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I have the same problem, I bought the upgrade from 11 to 12 a few days ago, and then just authenticated everything before the free plugin voucher deadline.

It says
‘Verification Pending’
(expires on 2022-11-01)

I guess I did just do mine, so maybe it’s not a problem and will be verified in a few days?

Hello again, i did the update, now i have 2 cubase 12… one activated , another not! Please tell me what 2 do!

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this is the exact issue i am facing for the past two weeks, the dac must be wrong, i also did a thread about it, have opened a ticket with asknet, no reply…

Your license is updated to 12 already.
Did you try to activate C12? Does activation manager work?

steinberg’ s activation manager says ‘verification pending’ for artist 12, the elicenser shows no upgradeable licenses when i click ‘continue’.

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Yes, there is written that the license was upgraded already.

Did your log in work with MySteinberg?
What is MySteinberg showing?