Cubase 12 worse performance than C11

Thanks for your comment, but actually, my cultural experience outside of Steinberg and Cubase is quite different: in my world (Cubase is a hobby), if a company contracts to deliver goods or services and doesn’t (or what is delivered is broken), there are consequences, not just shoulder shrugs of the “Oh, well” variety.

If head-in-the-sand avoidance of good customer communication and support is added to that, well that’s just embarrassing, and that’s a company that doesn’t last long.

In my experience full corporate accountability is the rule, not the exception. As it should be, right?

I’ve said all the things I’m going to say on this matter
anymore would just be unfair and edging towards a rant.

I’m sure Steinberg have taken note of peoples comments to rectify issues in the future,
I love the software I’m old enough to remember when Cubase came on a floppy disk but if company’s get complacent . its a down hill slope,

as said i made my point its up to Steinberg whether they take note and take it as constructive criticism only because we all love the software

pointless me adding more to this thread :]

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Even with the upgrade to 12.0.10, my new Cubase 12 still hangs forever when (so my activity monitor tells me) it is trying to load vst attachments. Wherever I click when the "safe mode"window comes up, I can’t get Cubase 12 to work. I upgraded to Cubase 12 when my old version of Cubase (10.5) started having similar freezing/crashing problems a couple of weeks ago. Cubase 12 worked correctly for me a few times, then put up a window about having to open in safe mode. Since then, it has been freezing every time it starts, whichever button I tick on the safe screen… Clearly, the problem is with plug-ins (eg Kontakt), because if I press the button to bypass all plug-ins, Cubase stops hanging and my compositions do come up on screen. However, because I have de-activated all plug-ins to get there, none of the music will sound! I am completely hamstrung, with no way of knowing what is wrong. I have looked all over the net under troubleshooting, and Cubase experts seem unaware that this is is a problem that threatens the whole future of Steinberg. Other DAWs do not seem to have the same problem, and I am seriously considering changing after several decades of using Cubase.


I use Kontakt sometimes and Fabfilter plugins always and had the same problem. It stopped when starting Cubase as Admin. Maybe worth a try if you didn’t do already. I manage to solve some other problems with Cubase 11 earlier to login as (the hidden) Admin too.

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Same here. Running as admin solved a lot of problems.

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I am curious about this, how can logging in a Admin solve problems? Any problem in particular?

Many thanks!

If running as admin solves an issue it indicates underlying problem elsewhere that needs to be rectified.

By doing that you’re elevating the rights of the DAW within a user environment and it can bring more problems. For example, the ability to drag and drop files into the timeline and such like.

It’s a quick band-aid, but not recommended as a long term fix.


Thanks for clarifying, appreciated!

I am not clear how this works. But it was suggested when I was having problems with SpectraLayers. Going into the Cubase Pro .exe file, right clicking it and under “compatibility” checking the “run this program as administrator” box worked for me perfectly. Why this is I have no idea.

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I appreciate you letting me know. :+1:

Same for me. Once I had a problem with a Cableguys plugin in a track: Cubase hang during initializing. I logged in as Admin, run Cubase as Admin. Everything worked fine. I restarted normal, run Cubase normal and the problem was gone. This was Cubase 11. It’s still a mystery to me why.

just upgraded yesterday, and 12 is taking longer to open, longer to open files, way longer to close them (get a rotating blue ring for a long while before I can open another project), and clicking on buttons in my project feel slightly laggy compared to Cubase 11. Really frustrating. Going to read this whole thread and see if there are any tips…blugh.

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Sigh…so sorry to hear that, I am still holding on upgrading to 12…

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Brand new PC, just built last week. Not even two weeks old. Works beautifully…however…I’m using Cubase 12.0.3 at the moment. Kontakt 6 is an issue here. When the Kontakt track is record armed, and either playing back midi or especially inputting midi, there’s horrible rapid Asio spikes. Unarming the track and then playing back does not present any issues.

After using 12 for a while, I installed C11. This issue is not happening in Cubase 11.

Windows 11
Main drive is a 1 TB Western Digital SSD
Kontakt samples are all on a 2 TB Samsung SSD

Record arming the track raises the VSTi to real-time priority. Cubase 12 uses a different metering algorithm to earlier versions, which is meant to be more accurate but can look worse.

This might be a non-problem; if your system works without dropouts, don’t worry about the apparently high meter.

Out of curiosity, what else is in your project apart from the instance of Kontakt?
We’re tracking on Cubase (12.0.30) at the moment with an instance of Superior Drummer 3, three instances of Kontakt 6, two instances of Soundpaint and one of Mtron. The real time and peak meters are clearly showing the load but the Asio Guard meter is barely visible and not moving much at all.

There is a very good support article on the Steinberg Help Center site that does a great job describing how ASIO-Guard functions:

Anyone with spiking issues may want to read the support article because it sheds a great deal of light on limitations of ASIO-Guard and the potential for drop-outs to occur under specific conditions.

I wanted to give an update on this.

It seems David_W is correct about my situation being a non-issue. Despite the big peak spikes according to the meter, my playback and recording are working normally without any issues.

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I didn’t had any cpu spikes before the latest update, now I have cpu spikes with 2 audio tracks and the buffer size at maximum so is a bug