Cubase 12 worse performance than C11

Me. Performance in C12 is erratic and much worse than C11


Same thing here. No problem with licensing, etc., but I loaded a song recorded in Cubase 12 and it sounded absolutely crappy. Dropouts, pauses, crackles and pop. Loaded the same file back into Cubase 11 and it ran perfectly. I’m not even going to try and figure it out until Steinberg or somebody gives me a solution. Very disappointing.


Thanks, Richard. Right. Changed it.
I think Steinberg should put up a sticky about what to change in your system when you switch to Cubase 12. My thinking is that you shouldn’t have to change a thing, but apparently some think we have a lot of time to track this crap down. We don’t.
I’m going back to using Cubase 11 until the solutions are posted, not just “try this, try that.”


I made the mistake of deleting 11 before I used 12 lol
Too much hassle to go back, will just wait for fix.
if they even believe there is a problem

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Right. There IS a problem.
If Cubase wants to be considered among the top DAWs, they have to address this fast.
The announced changes look fantastic, but now I’ll have to wait to use them.


On windows 10 since disabling hyperthreading and turning off asio guard my performance is 80 times better…

I9 intel proccessor
64gb of ram
Motu 828es audio interface 64 samples buffer

Right now while creating a beat i have 8 channles audio and 5 vst with effect chains performance while playing is about 5%

Are you on Big Sur? I’m on a 2017 imac with Catalina and I’m just wondering if Big Sur is going to hurt performance

I’m on catalina, I tried big sur but it made my mac unusable slow. I returned back to Catalina after that.

Same problem here!

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It probably regard to the ASIO guard issue in the pinned post. I’ve having similar issue that occasionally lead to my playback having lag issue.


Tested with some projects, using the Task Manager to monitor CPU usage. Cubase own CPU-meter is not really reliable.

ASIO Guard set to: Normal
DAW: RME Digiface USB @ 256 samples, AMD Ryzen 3950x (16 cores), 3600 MHz memory.

This is the result of my tests while doing playback:

Project 1: C11 ~= 19% | C12 ~= 15% | Note: large amount of VSTi's, about 30 instances.
Project 2: C11 ~= 31% | C12 ~= 25% | Note: 108 tracks with both audio tracks & VSTi's.
Project 3: C11 ~= 24% | C12 ~= 18% | Note: 75 tracks with both audio tracks & VSTi's.

Result: C12 is more than 5% more efficient on the CPU than C11 on my current projects. No dropouts or peaks during playback.

Opinion: The result is actually quite good. :slight_smile:

Caveat: I’m not using any large sample libraries like Kontakt with large amount of polyphony, those could affect the CPU differently than pure DSP based plugins.

Side note: C12 loads much faster for me and doesn’t hang when I quit projects atm (this is something that comes and goes during all years using of Cubase so it might start again…).

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Same problem over here C11 working perfect bought C12 pro cant work with it Performance issue and also free warp is totally not working!!!


Question: does anything change to the better if you save the 11.0.40 project from Cubase 12 and then reopen?

No, same issues are still present.

Same for me. I backed up the project etc and it was the same.

Yeah. Cubase 12 feels alot snappier to me when playing back only midi or audio without any plugins, which is great, but the damn Asio Guard spikes keep cropping up the moment I start using plugins.

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Yes i have those issues

They say there is a fix coming soon

V12 is worse than V11 for me too atm, by around 10%. How many tracks and plugins are you using in that project? seems like a 5900x should be way more performant than that even on Cub 11 unless you have a lot of cpu intensive plugins running?

FWIW, I’ve seen zero difference in performance so far with C12 over C11, though my music system is powered by a non-Intel chip; i.e., AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU for sake of reference.