Cubase 12activation problem!

hello Ben…I have a problem with the license and for several days now I have been losing my job trying to sort out the license that has already been revoked by you. I was working normally on cubase 12 until I received a message that the cubase 12 version licence expired . I will ask you to fix the problem soon as u can…


Don’t panic, you can use the Steinberg Activation Manager to activate it.

I can not activate it via Steinberg Download Assistent either. When I enter the code I get a message that I have to have the latest version of e-Licencer. I have downloaded the latest version available on the Steinberg site. When I turn on e-Licencer and when I try to enter the code to update the Cubase 11 version in Cubase 12 it tells me that I can not do the update. Steinberg are very weak for online support and thanks to them I lose a job that has been set for me for days. If they continue to not care about their clients I will definitely consider switching to another music program because I am wasting both time and money.

Did you read the thread I linked to? In that thread when the above happens it is because Cubase 11 has already been successfully updated to Cubase 12.