Cubase 13.0.20 Enter Project Cursor Position Bug Temporary Fix

The “enter project cursor position” key command no longer works correctly. When pressed, instead of auto-selecting the bar number, it now selects the beat number.

This worked fine in Cubase 13.0.10.


The same problem exists with the locators.
Try Shift-L or Shift-R


Ugh :disappointed:

Confirmed re: the locators. For me, I use shift-num 1 or shift-num 2 for “Goto X Locator,” but now all it’s doing is nudging ±1 beat.

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Also strange: If the time displays in the transport bar are closed and you then press Shift-P (or Shift-L / Shift-R), then the measure number is correctly selected in the input field that opens:


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@Martin.Jirsak Would you please confirm this bug and forward it to Steinberg.

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Confirming the same bug.


Confirm same bugs, for all the above commands.

I’ll add one more: adding a new cycle used to focus highlight on the textbox as well (but this was in C12)


Confirmed - “enter project cursor position” key command no longer works

Edit: Just noticed the “enter locators” commands are similarly affected.

Edit #2: Just wound back to v13.0.10 (from a Time Machine backup) until Steinberg posts a fix for this.

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Need this fixed asap, please - it’s such a workflow disrupter.


Everyone can also do that themselves in the steinberg support page: Mein Support

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Bumping for a very inconvenient bug that needs immediate restoration


Yes! same here! cant key in the bar number instead of beat number… very bad… :sob: :sob: :sob: :rage: :rage: :rage:

that’s very annoying and it was working well in all the previous versions…


Ran into this issue last night…confirmed.

Has anyone from Steinberg acknowledged this bug yet?

Did anyone of you make a proper bug report on the mysteinberg page, as suggested here? My Support

If not, then how should Steinberg aknowledge it?

@Martin.Jirsak reports many bugs that are posted here in the forum to Steinberg

Yes, but many do not know that you can do it by yourself.

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It rings a bell for me. I will check tomorrow.

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Yeah, ditto, and I want to include that if you used to be able to hit for example NumPad 1 and then Enter and the Cursor would move to Now if you hit left arrow to move the bar number the rest stays so if you want to go to the old way you just hit your Key Command and 1 and the rest was reset. Now if you’re having your cursor at and do the old maneuver plus left arrow you land at which is in a way even worse than defaulting to beat number instead of bar number. Not good enough.

HI there, same problem here - that bug report page is in German though