Cubase 13.0.21 maintenance update (Windows only)

I switched to Mac because of the graphic issues. Been a Windows user for decades. A month into having a Mac is wonderful. Cubase looks and performs great.

Although I now really like Logic Pro, been using the 90 day trial.

Just saying…

Try this in the thread , it appears to have the exact same issue for me Kelp 's the man :+1:
C13.0.21 what exactly was the fix for ? because - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Delighted to confirm that the recent hotfix has completely eradicated the notorious GUI glitch.

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Thanks @HidMov that fixed it! It appears im glitch free. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi everyone

This thread is to address the hotfix in C13.0.21 against graphic glitches happening in the rendering pipeline. Any other bug reported here will be disregarded and deleted. Search for existing thread or create a new one. Thank you.


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I had the opportunity to beta test the fix. It initially didn’t work for me either. HOWEVER, when I UNDID the Nvidia changes (deleted the Cubase entry for fast Vsync and max performance) it started working.

I had the same flickering on GA and Halion.

[Having said that, I personally have NOT tried the .021 update yet.]

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Ahh ok , so , with the entry deleted are your standard setting still on Vertical Fast and Max perform or just standard settings ?

Thanks for your input Btw , it’s appreciated

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No. I had only enabled those settings for the Cubase executable.

Also, I have HiDPI disabled in Cubase but have not checked whether that makes a difference.

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Thank you , ive done as you have mentioned and the flickering does seemed to have stopped , deleted the entry , Vertical sync is at default but still on preferred Max power , it’s seems stable . , removing all Steinberg instruments from my template had to be done due to Mediabay wouldn’t load kits into GA BUT , this looks like it could be very good news because i actually trust someone that’s had the same issue and tried the Beta . so i really appreciate your input here .

Ahhh ok , i have 4 different screens so Hidpi is always disabled anyway

Maybe Steinberg should mention undoing the temporary fix to implement this to save on the confusion aaahhh

Much appreciated fella


Excellent. I had shared my findings directly with @Armand. Perhaps they will consider an update to the release notes.


@Highly-Controversial - I tried to message you directly, but I perhaps had a “somewhat similar” issue with the Mediabay. See this post/solution:

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Yes , it would be handy to have a side note in the release notes .

The media bay preferences have been reset soooo many times , it seems to be the new Steinberg craze , over taken from trash Cubase preferences , i really hope this doesn’t have to be done every point update .
Right ,well cheers for the help , time to be creative , I’ll leave the thread unsolved for tonight just so it’s not tempting fate but cheers , you’ve been a BIG help


Yes, Steinberg, please update the release notes with this info! :+1:

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Qt is starting to feel like the Achilles Heel for products using it.

Multiple applications that have upgraded to newer Qt releases are seeing UI oddities with this framework.

I am not sure what they mean when they say “corruption in the display pipeline” or whatever, but I’m still seeing glitching in the UI; so I’m staying on Cubase 12, for the moment.

I’m also not sure how to describe it other than “glitching,” so maybe that is part of the issue on my end. I can’t think of a more precise term to differentiate what I experience from what they claim to have fixed (which may be different issues).

UI also performs worse (laggier/less responsive) on C13 than C12 on a UHD display (27" 125% Scale) despite both PCs having GPUs that easily drive such that display for everything else installed. This is particularly evident in areas where there are lots of graphical elements, like the Plug-in browser. Smooth scrolling in Cubase 12, choppy and in Cubase 13 - almost like it’s scrolling at a lower framerate (it’s not… or, at least, I don’t think… it just feels that way).

Totally , if i click on a plugin Cubase 13 freezes for a split second , all the meters , everything visually , audio carries on but … C13’s visually is a bloody nightmare to be honest , the only reason i’m using it is being forced to rebuild my OS and not wanting to reload C12 and stability is now there in C13 BUT visually ? it’s a horror show .
It looks like the Christmas tree lights have been sorted out with GA and HAL , do i think that deserves praise or do i think C13 shouldn’t of been released in the state it was ?

Visually C13 is FAR from complete BUT there’s only one thing i need now to be able to look at C!£ without feeling sick looking at the mixer … Yes you guessed it

Blurry blurry blurryy blurry blurry head spinally blurring FFFFFFFFFaaaaaaadder Caps !!!

These caps are Purple , it must the be refresh rate BUT as i keep saying and i will keep repeating myself until people with Visual impairment get recognised .

I realise i’ve got a bit of topic and ranting as per usual but i cannot get across how horrid these caps look without being passionate , .

It looks like it’s good news , no more Christmas trees lights .

Much appreciated :ok_hand: :+1:

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It is just the way they talk about the layered model which you pass through as you generate graphics ouput in code (the OSI Model used in networking is another example of this approach).

Put simply - the pipeline starts at the application where scene changes are made in response to inputs / functions / triggers such as collision detection, animations, etc. and the resulting primitives (basic shapes - mostly triangles, lines and points) are passed to the Geometry layer (which is its own five step pipeline) where maths is used to handle matrices, vertices, coordinates, vectors, clipping, occlusion and a whole host of stuff that is above my pay grade) .

At the end of the Geometry layer it moves to the Rasterisation layer. Rasterisation is a bit like quantising for graphics. The image which exists as, essentially, a mathematical model is broken into discrete chunks, each representing one pixel (PIcture “X” ELement) on the output screen, then the group of pixels is output to the screen as a frame.

So an issue in the pipeline could refer to any element, process, procedure, function, calculation, behaviour, etc. causing unexpected outcomes. When you consider that one frame on a 4k monitor contains 8,294,400 individual pixels and at 30 frames per second that equates to the rasterisation layer needing to calculate and output 248,832,000 pixels per second, even the seemingly simplist layer in this model must be mindbogglingly optimised, accurate and fast.

Not defending or condemning anyone here, just hoping to give a small picture of the scale of complexity involved in this one aspect of programming - and you can be sure that other aspects make this seem like child’s play in comparison.

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Ahhh! At least it’s not just me then. These freezes are super annoying and, for me at least, only started when I updated to 13.0.21. The ridiculous thing is, I wasn’t experiencing any graphics issues on 13.0.20, but since it was highly recommended to update, I did. If it ain’t broke… when will I learn?

Ohh , that’s strange , i’ve had the issue all through C13 , it’s like a Pentium 750 trying to run audio , not exactly professional having a program freeze while clicking on plugin boarders , thanks for confirming im not the only one

Ill start a new thread after walking the dog , to get traction on this

Installed this update yesterday, everything had been working fine prior on my system, however, now I’m unable to use any dropdown menu (such as selecting inserts, routing, sends, expression maps) when I click with mouse.

When I open mixer window and use the dropdowns to select, say, an insert this works as expected. Doing this then seems to fix the inspector window bug, and I can then open and select all required dropdows…