Cubase 13.0.21 maintenance update (Windows only)

The Cubase 13.0.21 maintenance update is now available. This Windows-only update resolves several issues that could lead to graphic glitches on Windows systems. Although these issues only occur on specific hardware configurations, we recommend all Windows users to install the update.

The update is immediately available via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

We really appreciate your feedback, so please share it in this thread.

Release Notes


Glad to read that !
Hope the fix works for Intel integrated GPUs too.
Is it available for Cubase 13 Pro demo ?

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The demo is always the latest release automatically, so, yes.


Its better but I still got some glitches. This glitch I posted month ago, is still there (see link). The whole UI still feels kind of unstable.


Hi @Elya

Thanks for your report. This is not part of the big glitches that had to do with corrupted states occurring in the rendering pipeline. I have informed the relevant persons of your issue.




It seems that i was a little hasty , after a complete reboot i’ve loaded all affected VSTi’s and they all seem to be stable after the complete reboot , i hope so , so you can call me an idiot or worse if you like , I hope it was my mistake . Looking good so far :wink:




I have just tested this new version but the problem described here (jump effect on text when scrolling menus) has not been resolved… Too bad!

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(Always happy to oblige!) :innocent:

Fingers crossed.

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This update hasn’t solved any of the issues I have noticed so far, such the jittery Quick Controls nor the (master most noticeably) fader spacing in Mix Console.

Noticing more little quirks/issues with 13 that I need to log.

Still waiting for the fixes to Media Bay that isn’t showing everything like 11 does.

Did they ever fix it so you can change the key/scale “Root Note” of the chord track in the Info Lane with the mouse wheel? Or fix which take you’re selecting in the Audio Editor window by scrolling the mouse wheel over the names of the audio takes in the dropdown box labeled “Activate Clip for Audio Editing”?

Hi @woodgrain816 @sonicvision

This hotfix is only fixing major graphical glitches due to a corrupted state in the rendering pipeline of Windows.

Could you send a link to the original report of your issues?


Actually i have everything crossed so i don’t have to pop any hallucinogenics just to enjoy the GA and HAL light show :grin: :ok_hand:


I’ll just make a video of the problem:

Has no one reported this problem yet? I’ve been checking for an update everyday since Cubase 13 came out for the problem to be resolved lol.

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Hi @woodgrain816

Thank you so much for your help. From my understanding this is a bug, not a glitch. I will see whether this is already reported and inform the relevant teams.



Thanks for your response, Armand. Here is a video cue’d to spot the shows an example of the ‘jittery’ quick controls I mention. In this video the vlogger is using Cubase 12 and says it is specific to endless encoders. This issue persists in Cubase 13.

I will post a screenshot of the (less serious) fader layout issue in Mix Console after I am back at the computer.

So far so good. Been playing with the updated version all day and no graphical glitches at all to report not even a slight little blip :slight_smile:
…hope i didnt just jinx myself here haha.

It would be nice if a message given on the forum will tell us all that Cubase 13 is completely stable. Many people use this program for pro- work. A dysfunctional program is out of the question.

Glitches are still there for me on Windows 10 when using Halion, Groove Agent, and Cubase virtual instruments. I have no glitches with third party virtual instruments or in Cubase interface, only cubase virtual instruments.


I had this as well even after the patch. The fix for me was to change the Nvidia settings for the Cubase app. I changed the “Virtual Sync Settings” from “Fast” to “on” which fixed the issue. I had the settings on “fast” as a fix for the original graphical issues.

Graphical User Interface errors in Cubase 13 / Nuendo 13 – Steinberg Support

Cubase is now not flickering on the VST’s for me. Hope this helps