Cubase 13.0.30 bug when switiching between windows

Hi there,

with the new update there is a strange bug (on Windows 11) that prevents me from getting back to the Cubase project-window with the Windows command “ALT-TAB” (switching between open windows) when I was in another application (i.e. a Webbrowser).

Normally this works fine, but if I have a video in Cubase on my second screen in fullscreen, I have to select the “Cubase Fullscreen” with “ALT-TAB” first (but that doesn’t make the project window appear either) and then I can select the project window with “ALT-TAB” and switch to it. If I try to select the project window directly, nothing happens. Even when I try multiple times.
When the video is not in fullscreen mode, everything works as it should.
Can someone confirm this issue?

Addition: I’ve just noticed that I also can’t simply click into the project window when another program is running in the foreground. I first have to click on the video full screen and then click on the project window to return to Cubase.


I have a similar problem. When I switch between tracks (select another track) it stops playing my tracks - mutes the sound for a second.

This does not happen on my system. When switching between programs, the audio continues without any problems. But the audio actually stops for about a second when I click on the video image with the mouse… It’s all very strange and it came with the new 13.0.30 update. With the update before I didn’t have these problems…

Yes, I can confirm. This happens on my system as well, and is extremely annoying. It basically means I can’t navigate between Cubase windows with Alt-Tab, or even with mouse clicks, unless I resort to special tricks like first clicking on the mixer window, and then alt-tabbing into the project window to be able to get to it.

I’ve started a whole thread about Alt-Tab issues and window handling in Cubase (on Windows), and it did get the attention of Steinberg developers, so I’m hopeful we’ll see a fix to this at some point.

Here’s that thread for reference. It wouldn’t hurt if you chime in on that thread as well to make Steinberg aware that this is not a user-specific/isolated issue:

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Hi Timo, thanks for your answer! Yes the window-handling under Win 10/11 is really annoying in general, I can also confirm that. Nice, I will join your thread as well and write something! Hope we will see some improvements on that topic in the near future…


I resolved!!!
I was pushed “Constrain Delay Compensation” button, located in left-down corner of main interface!