Cubase 13.0.40 Maintenance Update

The Steinberg bug is that they have such long filenames. If they want to install on Windows they need to shorten them :slight_smile:

This is simply a Windows problem, which is not capable of handling long paths due to the limit of 260 characters.

It can be changed by modifying the registry entry

and change the entry LongPathsEnabled to 1


It is not a bug, you simply have no LongPath support in your Windows. This is a relic from ancient Windows Systems

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I don’t think users should mess with the registry. It would be nice if Windows had a longer default limit. In the meantime using filenames for lengthy descriptions isnt really what filenames are for or how most people use them e.g. “Groove Agent SE 5 - 5.2.10 – Instrument (recommended)”. We all have to workaround OS limitations, so I suggest Steinberg does too. It to build a reputation for reliability and ease of use :slight_smile: I’d love to see Steinberg grow market share and become more easily recommendable.

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No, not at all. I had several other zip files (mostly from customers) that failed with the same problem. It is Microsoft that is doing such stupid things, again.


Yes, Microsoft is stupid sometimes, but other software firms workaround this OK and get the sales. I hope Steinberg will too!

The question is why your system still has the old setting, this setting exists for a long time, as far as I know since Window 7 and was never and it still is not a workaround. It is a new feature that Microsoft built in.

What they were missing is to switch this registry entry when users upgraded their systems, so again, it is a Microsoft issue and Steinberg should not change anything here.

This is quite a new system. A Dell XPS 13 9370 running Windows 11. It is not an upgrade of an old legacy system.

Duplicate, apologies, please see below

Are you saying it is Windows fault because Steinberg created a file name too long to work with Windows?


No, I’m saying it’s Windows’ fault, it cannot handle a path longer than 260 characters.


AFAIK, the 260 character limit is still imposed in Windows by default. One would have to change a register setting plus a change to the Application Manifest to allow for long file names (32,767 characters).
The ability to change this came with Windows 10 v.1607.

Read more on file names in Windows here:

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All you need to do is set the registry entry (the one I described above) to 1 and that’s it.

The application manifest is something that has to be added by the developers, so that has obviously been done by Steinberg.

I thought Microsoft added this aready in Windows 7, but obviously they did it in Windows 10. However, it is a problem of Microsoft to not enable it by default. Even with long pathnames Windows is able to create the ancient 8.3 naming convention (as described in the article in your link).

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I guess maybe I’m looking at it backwards. If MS has a 260-character limit, and a 3rd party company named a file with 261 characters, I see the problem as being caused by the third party, not MS.


That means, if a plug-in crashes Cubase, then the plug-in is always responsible, right? Here on the forum, it looks like Cubase is always responsible in these cases. :thinking: :slight_smile:

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No, they do not have that limit anymore. Microsoft has the ability to switch Windows to handle very long pathnames AND ancient 260 character length at the same time. So why do they block this by adding this stupid registry switch?

If vendors would follow your way of looking at it, nothing would ever change, just because the new feature is blocked.

As I said, if you always rely on historic behavior, nothing would change and we would still hang around and use 8.3 MS-DOS filenames.

Microsoft can easily enable long pathnames and no one would run into problems, regardless of old short or new long names.

no export issues on PC either.


The hotfix has been released.

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