Cubase 13 - A disaster!

this new version seems to have created more problems than anything else. It no longer crashes like version 12, version 13 has taken a step forward because it blocks the entire operating system. I don’t know what it depends on but it has already happened twice. It’s also difficult to explain… the first time all the Cubase graphics started to break down, causing the operating system to freeze, the second time it went into slow motion and after a few seconds it stopped, or rather, slowed down in an impressive way the operating system. Each operation took 10 to 15 seconds to complete. Even opening the windows task manager took about 15 seconds to display. I finally forced shut down Cubase and Topo after about a couple of minutes Windows resumed normal operation. I’m back to version 12 Pro waiting for these issues to be fixed because these are bugs the size of a house.

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Care to tell us which ‘Operating system’ is involved ?

On my end, I see C13 at its present state (13.0.10) as a rather stable version. Surely, there are issues/bugs remaining, but nothing that prevents its usage, AFAICS.
Overall, more details about your setup would help, as your post looks more like a rant than anything else (where is the ‘disaster’ ?)…

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On my system version 12.70 is better, with its problems, but far from those I’m seeing with version 13.10. The release of the plug-ins upon closure was interesting because it was clear that too many crashes occurred when the project was closed with the previous version.

But now I see something different with the graphics of version 13.10 and I’m sure that the problems I’m having have to do with the graphics card driver which is somehow not managed correctly by Cubase. In fact, when the video driver crashes it is noticeable and also becomes a problem for Windows. Luckily it unlocks somehow. I then open Cubase 13.10 and the error window appears without mentioning the cause of the freezing.

Windows 11 Pro
Intel I7 10700KF
Working RAM 64 GB
VGA: Nvidea RTX 2070
All SSD disks
Audio: Apollo X6

It’s definitely an outlet! It is not possible that in every version there are always problems that prevent it from working.

I explained what happened to me with version 13…10. the programmers have certainly understood what the problem arises from.

OK. Can you post here a screenshot of the error window ?

Additionaly, have you got some crash dump files (see in the C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps folder), that could help us (not me, I’m unable to do so…) pinpoint the issue ?

In the indicated path I only find this. Old stuff and nothing Cubase 13.


Hi MaoMass ,

In my case I’m waiting for the next update of c13 before upgrading on pc.
On windows 10 I’ve had no issues with c12.0.70
With a few tweaks it runs pretty good.

There’s two observations to make. Apollo hardware is known to be problematic for some. Take that out and see what happens. Also, a 2070 is now, in computer timeframes, a very old card. Can you try eliminating that by using motherboard builtin graphics? Just for troubleshooting. Nvidia cards of that early date are known for being rather sensitive to things.

Put like that, it seems a bit bland as an explanation to me. It would be useful for me to have some links where I can verify what you say because before I get my hands on the hardware I have to make sure that there are recognized and unsolvable problems. I can add, however, that I know Nvidea very well and I have no problems that lead me to think that the 2070 has problems handling Cubase, it is
However, it is plausible to think that the new version of Cubase has some problems in allocating graphic resources correctly because in all these years of 2070, but also of Cubase, I have not had the problems mentioned in the initial post.

I checked the windows logs and none of them mention Nvidea drivers

Apollo might have some problems, maybe, but I think I would have had other types of Bugs

as you noticed, 12.70 works quite well for me, but every now and then crashes when closing Cubase. I think that in this case the cause is the VSTs present in the project (which are all regularly purchased)

Can I ask you what precautions you did? Maybe I’m missing something…

The artifacts is noted by Steinberg in the release notes and will be fixed in the next service release.
The slowing down sernario… what nvidia drivers are you using? and do you have gforce experience installed?

I learned that the latest Windows 11 update (KB5032190) is creating some problems. At this point, I don’t want the problem to be due to this recent update and not to Cubase 13. I have uninstalled the windows update, so I can see if it solves the problem.

Did you mean Universal Audio hardware? I find that hard to believe. I have been using UA hardware for years and they make the most stable systems I have ever seen. Care to elaborate?

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And just think , the Joys of Microsoft FORCING you to install the latest updates to look forward too after getting a stablish C13 … ohhh joy , i disable via the Update policy otherwise your doomed for a bad existence


Has anyone noticed tracks being slightly distorted in Cubase 13, i thought it was a mic I had at first, really noticed it more when loading tracks from Cubase 12. At same issue might be with the new console 1update. Something is going on. Gonna have to remove all plugins and test later.

Microsoft is like Cimabue, it fixes one and breaks 2. (When it’s good, when it’s bad, not even one). However, now I have to check, for the moment I don’t know.

Did the beta testers for Nuendo/Cubase 13 not report all these issues with the program before it came out especially GUI issues??? Or did Steinberg ignore them?


Maybe Steinberg should rename it to Cubug…

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We were referring to “Cubase” as “Cubugs” about 20 years ago!

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Unfortunately the crash (which I also had with the CUBASE 12 version) concerns NVIDIA video cards. Search the CUBASE NVIDIA CRASH forums and discover a world of problems.