Cubase 13 and CMC series controllers

Hello! Someone using any of the old CMC controllers can check if they are working in Cubase pro 13?

I’ m still using them in Cubase 12 pro (Mac Os 12 and windows 10)., and would like to know that before upgrading to Cubase 13.


My CMC-Controllers (TP, CH FD) work with Cubase13 on Win11


It’s still working on macOS too.

Btw, you can download Trial version and test these system unique (old device compatibility) on your specific system.

Yes all good here TP,FD,Ai,CH , i think there would be a lynch mode if they stopped working :joy: :ok_hand: :+1: :upside_down_face:

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Thanks! Good to know it is working fine!

Very strange - not showing up at all on a Mac Studio running Ventura

Windows? MacOS?

My CMC-AI controller with a new M3 MAX Macbook Pro running Sonoma, Cubase 13.0.10 in Rosetta Mode, was non-functioning last I tried. I rebooted, toggled a few things. No Joy. (I reverted back to my older M1 MacBook for now, running Ventura, where everything works fine.)

I’m not sure this problem is Sonoma, or this particular M3 MAX chip, or maybe the USB port (much less likely).

I’m tempted to install Ventura on the newer MacBook and give it a try.

Again, all Rosetta mode here since the CMC controllers don’t work in Native ARM mode with Cubase 13.

Perhaps 13.0.20 might fix the problem? We’ll see.

Ive just tried using CMC-A1 and CMC-FD in Silicon mode, M1 MacBook Pro, Sonoma, cubase 13.0.20 and no joy. Re-opened Cubase in Rosetta mode and it all works fine. Hopefully will get an update for it to work in Silicon mode.

Hi Nathan, I was told by a Steinberg rep yesterday that, “that series is no longer supported,” end of story.

How did you get it to work. I installed it as an administratoras it was in installation manual. But when I ttry to add it as a New Device in Studio Setup, I clicked on it But it doesn’t show in list of controllers.

And, yes, I am on Win 11 using Cubase 13 Pro