Cubase 13 and Presonus faderport

Hello guys, i need some help here. My presonus fader port disapears every time i relaunch Cubase 13. Or even in the middle of the session! In the same time i have no issues at all in Cubase 11. That thing is literally stops me from buying C13 and am still on grace period. Any advice?
Im running both DAWS on Windows 10

Is this a FaderPort 2, and are you using the MIDI Remote script for it?
The FaderPort 2 shows up as a USB MIDI device … are you using WinRT MIDI?

HI! No im using faderport1 , with faderport_cubase.dl file which i copied to the Steinberg directory. Works fine in Cubase 11, but something is wrong with C13

Same issue here with FaderPort first edition.
Nothing you can do about afaik. Presonus stopped supporting this device a long time ago and are of no help on the issue.
For me the FaderPort disconnect in the middle of a session when adding certain insert plugins but I haven’t been able to find a pattern beyond that.

Thats just terrible. Does it work well with Faderport 2?

From what I have heard, it does. Version 2 also has the benefit of being able to be used via MIDI Remote which makes it very customizable.
Forum user @WEM has created a much popular scrip for it which you can read about here if you’re curious:

The script is developed by both @WEM and @CKB. My bad!

The MIDI Remote script created by forum users here @WEM and @CKB is the reason I bought a FaderPort 2!
It becomes a totally new device. The other thing I recommend is to use WinRT MIDI if at all possible,

Does it work with FP1 ?

No, it does not.