Cubase 13 - Any word on new update cycle?

Lovely, thanks Steinberg…

Maybe Steinberg has a new concept that they no longer make big updates every year and instead focus more on stability and improvement in small steps? After all, there was an update just recently.

I think many feel that Cubase should be more stable and powerful before adding new features.
It’s not done with just sticking a new number on it every year. If there are no interesting (and more importantly useful) new features.
Stability is more important than new features anyway… IMO


While this may be true, there’s a lot of talk of the requirement for Dolby Atmos if you’re working on commercial projects - so they were ahead of the curve on that.

If you are referring to the changes iTunes wants to impose, this has not been confirmed yet.

I personally can’t see it being implemented.

Not everybody is an expert on Dolby Atmos and there are thousands of albums hitting the market every few months,

It’s more about accommodating the needs of the end user. And Atmos is very much on the minds of a lot of folk, plus already used throughout gaming and post.

The Apple rumours will have many more people looking to Cubase.

Fair enough, I think it’s a fantastic tool to have in Cubase.

Anybody else still on Pro 11?

I looked at 12 when it was released and apart from the no dongle feature… I couldn’t justify the purchase. I just wanna know what 13 will include to work out if I can wait till 14 to upgrade and save a bit of dosh :expressionless:

yeap, me. Not moving to 12 yet, too many issues are surrounding it, 11 has minimum bugs at the moment and can work fine.

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Every single day I regret upgrading to Cubase 12 Pro. Many times I have to run my projects in Cubase 11, simply bacuase version 12 is soooo unstable (crashing) and performance is much worse. On the same system Cubase 11 Pro is rock solid, not having a single issue. They messed up something hard in version 12.


I think there has been a lot of graphical alterations , never seen so many issues to do with graphics as with C12 ,but sorting those out C12 is absolutely rock solid

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I’ve seen a lot since 12.0.60 - The mixer will start to flicker like crazy whenever something is being modulated on-screen (On RTX 3xxx system). But if I close it and re-open, it’s fine.

It seems worse when recalling workspaces for some reason.

Same as @Starnaf for me

I had to delay upgrading from 11 to 12 due to running projects, but when I did I have found there many things I really enjoy. But had to reinstall C11 because instability is really frustrating, so I am living 11-12 lol

I am able to notice difference: faster start up, faster loading projects, better performance and more more stability

I “feel” [don’t have proof] that the issues are due 80% to the new protection system, and I am referring to Steinberg’s own and to managing third party plugins protections. Every time a plugin is needing an update I have to fight against days of crashes and freeze, while C11 saves me every time…

FYI: didn’t notice any graphic issue in my case, I am on WIN10.

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I am not questioning the reports of V12-related performance. There indeed could be some real issues there. I just wanted to caution that some of these situations are extremely difficult to isolate. Human brains are hard-wired to conclude coincidence = causation. It is an evolutionary adaptation. If we see or hear rustling in the grass, we assume it is a poisonous snake because that is the safest assumption. But maybe it was the wind, a rabbit or something else. This deeply ingrained tendency can be maddening, especially for people who pride themselves at being meticulous and logical in their approach to diagnosis.

I had a case this past week that related to both Dorico and Cubase performance. I had occasional cases where my access to project files would just stop for 5-10 seconds and then resume. I have my project files on a Synology NAS, and the computer that runs Cubase and Dorico connects thusly:

Netgear WifiUSB → Eero mesh node → another Eero mesh node → gigabit switch → NAS.

This had worked very acceptably for months, causing performance problems with Cubase only about once a week, but very slow to save Dorico projects every time !? It got MUCH, MUCH worse this past week, to the point that in order to finish a Cubase project, I had to copy everything from the NAS to a USB SSD I could plug directly into the Cubase PC.

Something had changed, but what? Both Cubase and Dorico had problems, so I looked to my WiFi connection. That seemed to be the culprit. I reinstalled the Netgear WiFi software and that cleared up the problem – for an hour, and then it started again. I had reset the switch, Eero, and NAS without any positive results. I had tried several different USB ports for the WiFi dongle, so I was convinced my WiFi dongle hardware was going bad.

This saga went on for the better part of 3 days, so I’ll jump to the end. I was just about to order a newer, faster WiFi dongle when I decided to search for SAMBA issues on the NAS. The ultimate solution was a small parameter change in the SAMBA stack on the Synology that affected opportunistic locking across protocols. It seems like that did the trick.

My point is that these problems, as frustrating as they are, can very easily lead us to believe the problem lies in the wrong component. As it turns out, the Synology NAS had upgraded its software about a week before this ordeal, and evidently the new version was more sensitive to that particular SAMBA parameter.

I’m not trying to tell anybody that Cubase is perfect. The problems attributed to Cubase above may indeed be Cubase bugs. But some of them might also be VSTs that don’t play together well or something else.


Site looks like it’s being updated now for those interested. Went on to look at some documentation, searched here to see if there was any mention of a new release.

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The site is indeed not behaving the normal way.
On most pages I get an infinite loop of the loading indicator …

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They just changed the pictures and other content under the Cubase tab. Still shows Buy Cubase 12.

They added a new sale is what happened. And typically, they don’t do new releases during a sale. Sale ends on Monday May 1st, so perhaps Wednesday May 3rd we will see a new Cubase, but it’s also possible we will see a new something else - if I’m not mistaken, they still haven’t released a new Groove Agent under the new licensing. Could be that they update the entire product range before giving us a new Cubase, because right now, users of multiple products are scattered between using two forms of licensing and some users are probably even holding back on Cubase 12/1x before all their products are upgraded to new licensing.

We just got 12.0.60 a few weeks ago. Highly doubt they’re planning to roll out a new version any time soon. Do people actually do any work with it or just sit around and wait for it to be updated?


Groove Agent 5 was one of the first things they ported over:

I saw some of this on the Mac working over the weekend on a track… I kept catching it out of the corner of my eye while doing other stuff, but I did see flickering in the arrangment/main window. I went into the settings and disabled Graphics Acceleration, applied the prefs, then reenabled and reapplied the prefs, haven’t seen it pop up again, fingers crossed that did the trick. Still not sure if it was Cubase or the Mac to blame but I’ll keep an eye out for it…