Cubase 13 - Any word on new update cycle?

Hihi :)… I thought there would be a dedicated object oriented scripting language to modify the faces :slight_smile:

This is the integrated A.I assistant, trained with hours of videos from some complete peanut on YT. Thankfully there’s an alternative “facepack” included of Karl Pilkington. Much less grating on the eyes and ears….


I don’t need Cubase to compete with other DAWs in a “feature-race”. I’d just like it to at least keep up with them. And now I’m thinking of a decades-old MIDI and audio routing system.


wonder if cubase 13 is a big step forward or more things to it then the usual 1 year release considering the time it takes them to release it.or its only a strategy or issues they facing releasing cubase 13 !

It’ll probably be a bunch of nonsense sprinkled with 1 or 2 things you won’t be able to live without.

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I hope it finally makes my coffee.


What do you mean the time it’s taking them to release it ? it’s normally 2 years from version to version not count the point 5 release of course .
I really can’t understand why your in a rush to have another release , are you not capable of doing your job ? We have a potential of 9 months to wait yet and to be frank , Steinberg had better get the remote app running in 12 before moving half baked to 13


Yep, but contrarily to you, I just hope that there will be a two years one before an eventual Cubase ‘13’ release, hoping to see meanwhile added 12 updates and fixes, even if paid ones (who knows ? Maybe an eventual .5 version…).

Cubase devs crew can take all the needed time for 13.0.0, as they have planned for it, the drop of what’s remaining of the VST 2.4 compatibility. So, I’m really not in a hurry… :snail: :expressionless:


I think the issue here is that others, particularly StudioOne, have adopted a strategy of more frequent releases, even if each release may be smaller. I know this is a trade-off for the development team, and particularly for the QA function.

In their later days, Cakewalk eventually went to a routine of monthly releases. That actually seemed to be manageable for them, but behind the scenes, I suppose they had to radically change how they managed the pipeline of code and QA work. In addition, that really requires a different business model. Cakewalk went to what amounted to a subscription model, with the twist that you could stop the subscription at any time and continue to use that version indefinitely – and then you could resume the subscription at a later date.

I think it has been mentioned on the Dorico forum that Steinberg wants to move away from the “dot 5” routine. I don’t know if that is actually true or what it might imply.

Not only in the Dorico forum, it was confirmed by SB employees here. There will be no 0.5 releases anymore.

Does this mean that if the new Cubase version continues to be released as an annual update, you can now pay 99.00€/$ every year? That would be a price increase of 50%.

My understanding is that if x.5 updates are dropped they will move to a bi-annual paid for update. But that leaves a revenue gap, so not sure.

They could very well go with 12 month update plans and non-fixed major updates, as Bitwig/Waves do. This could result in a better update cycle when things are ‘ready’ as opposed to sales being the most primary driving factor.

I don’t believe that Steinberg waits 2 years, but makes major updates at irregular intervals like 15 or 18 months. This brings the possibility of bringing new functions to the market that have been properly tested and thought through - instead of sticking to an annual cycle by force.
I’m urgently waiting for an artificial intelligenceI profit indicator on the top right. So that you can always see if changes in music and mix lead to more or less profit.

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… actually, has anyone thought of asking ChatGPT about this? If a computer says so, it’s got to be true!*

* #define TRUE FALSE`

I asked it “When will Steinberg release the next version of Cubase?”

The answer: “As an AI language model, I don’t have access to information about Steinberg’s release schedule for Cubase. However, historically, Steinberg has released new versions of Cubase every 1-2 years. The most recent version of Cubase, Cubase 11, was released in November 2020, so it is possible that a new version may be released in late 2021 or 2022. However, it is ultimately up to Steinberg to announce their release schedule for Cubase.”

As usual, this artificial “intelligence” produces perfect grammar while saying nothing useful whatsoever.


ChatGPT says …:
However, from Steinberg Cubase’s past release dates, I can’t make exact predictions for the release of Cubase 13, as the manufacturer doesn’t have regular release patterns and there is no guarantee that they will release a new version every year.
It’s also possible that the manufacturer has made changes to their development and release schedule, making it difficult to predict a release date.
My best advice is to keep a regular eye on the Steinberg Cubase official website and related online forums for the latest information. Once an official announcement date has been set, it will most likely be announced on these platforms.

However, we can make some guesses based on the release patterns of previous versions of Cubase. In the past, new versions of Cubase were usually released every 1-2 years. Based on this frequency, one could assume that the release of Cubase 13 could happen sometime between 2022 and 2023.

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ChatGPT says on ChatGPT-release date “predictions”:

Ya know, I am kinda talking like a politician forced to giving an answer to a question that cannot be answered. Or in other words I make meaningless statements assuming you are used to it as a standard form of communication.


I think we may have just stumbled upon the problem with Steinberg official support.

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it was yearly release for updates, it doesn’t matter if it was a 0.5 or 1.0 , they were all paid updates with new features and improvements.
im not in rush but wonder about the things i wrote in my post. and in any way your answer implies that why to update at all if you can make it all in cubase 12?
well i can’t make all in general and in the way i want.
any way i can make music with it but will be glad to have better tools and workflows to make the tasks easier ,faster, with less distraction , better performance in general etc…

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