Cubase 13 - Any word on new update cycle?

Apologies if this has been asked before, but a search didn’t bring anything up.

Cubase 12’s one year anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks, so I’m wondering: Cubase updates were like clockwork in the past few years, with a new update coming in mid November once every year (before that it was in December). That cycle was broken last year due to the new license management system.

I know they don’t want to do .5 updates anymore, but has there been any official word if that 1 year cycle will continue regardless? I find it kinda hard to believe they would bring out paid updates less frequently, especially in today’s day and age where businesses always have to grow, grow, grow.


No one except the people at Steinberg know that and they are most likely not going to tell…
I do hope that we get some more maintenance updates before a new major release, as there are several bugs still unsolved…


It’s a fair comment but there’s still too much to sort out with C12 at the moment with things not running correctly for them just to drop another point 5 or major release . The evolution of the licencer might interrupt the updates BUT you are right about the company needing to make the money so i wouldn’t rule out anything

I will add that , i was sceptical about the swap over to the new system but here it seems to be plain sailing , i think Steinberg have done a good so far , not an easy task keeping everyone happy , im a dongle fan but im slowly being won over .


While I always appreciate shiny new things, I agree that the proper way would be to fix the mess that is C12 first (for me personally, C12’s performance has become so bad that I have barely used it and instead switched to Studio One for the time being). But proper behavior and making money seldomly go hand in hand, so we’ll see what happens.


I don’t want another maintenance update! Hope they release Cubase 13 in Q2 with an all new expression maps editor! THAT’s what I want.


Same here. I want cubase 13 as cubase 12 runs smooth in my system. never had a iussue.

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Please Steinberg, vertical zoom on mousewheel, like any other Daws in the world!


We wait (as usual) and we’ll see.
For me the next Cubase version might just further expand the MIDI remote functionality.
At present Cubase 12 works fine for me! I am on PC (Win 11) and have learned that most Cubase problems are coming from USB devices/hubs and Windows configurations.
Quite a few complaints on this forum seem to come from people with ‘limited’ knowledge about computers and Cubase. Until now, I was always able to find the reason for Cubase crashes and was able to fix it.
Anyhow, I wait for the next Cubase and I am constantly watching for VST offers (like the Summer sale :wink:


Not everyone is in the same boat


“Quite a few complaints on this forum seem to come from people with ‘limited’ knowledge about computers and Cubase”

I believe C13 will arrive next month.

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What performance issues are you having? I think another maintenance update for Cubase would be good. .

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Just an overall decrease in performance, I can throw a lot less plugins and instruments at C12 than I can at C11.

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I would expect before a new version will be released that Steinberg fix before the C12
Sometime freeze without any raison
Sometime VST disappeared
Sometime I have to rested everything (see the message from support) for unknown reason
Control Novation 61MK3 still not working

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I think that soon C.13 will come out, it will be time to checkout (nobody forces us) and then new pains appear, along with the old ones that one has c12

Let’s drink to that :wink:
I kind of ‘automatically’ buy the upgrade and this time I hope for some further MIDI remote improved functionality.

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Waiting for v13 to release, coming from 10. I don’t see the need to upgrade just yet TBH. Am I missing out compared to v12?

Welcome to the Forum,

Depends on what you are doing …
If you are happy with Cubase 10, you can stay happy …

For me this is a ‘to the point’ question that each and everyone of us has to answer for themselves.

Cubase 12 was released on march 2 -2022 on Wednesday.
this Wednesday is march 1st… mmmm just saying :money_mouth_face:
here we go again HAHAHA

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Cubase releases are usually on Wednesdays :eyes:

No!.. Stop it!! haha :slight_smile: