Cubase 13 - Any word on new update cycle?

Wait. Aren’t there 8 days a week?


There should be as long as that extra day is part of the weekend!! :smile:


I hope that C13 in the first place calm down VST performance meter at new Intel 12-13 series at low latencies. I expect to have a good realtime record performance with VSTi on buffer sizes like 64-128 on strong CPU like i9 13900k is… I mean to achive that without all the tweeks like core parking, Nvidia full performace mode and BIOS tweeks like turning off C-states, speedstep… That all draws much watts from my power supply to get somehow stable performance under record enabled instrument track.
I did all that with my C12, lost one month optimizing instead doing music ladt year. Thats not our job as DAW users, they can integrate all the tweeks somehow in that Steinberg power sheme additionally to make Cubase better in realtime perf.
Its strengt is midi, film composers use it,
they need strong realtime performance and not
that spikes and drops all the time.
Thats all what cubase needs at the moment, there is enough functionality, plugins, good overall stability, also bugs are not the problem.
I hope we get with 13 some realtime perf. improvement!


Actually as “DAW Users” yeah it is your job to optimize your own custom system to meet your needs.

Welcome to the world of Windows, where the OS isn’t designed to come right out of the box and deliver optimal real-time audio performance, not to mention stuff like the bloated NVidia ware as well trying to squeeze every last bit of performance out for maximum frame rates while eliminating ghosting and tearing at 240Hz (you don’t need gaming performance for a DAWs graphics system). And lets not forget you have the awesome option of throwing just about any piece of hardware in there, including bleeding edge CPU’s, developed by who knows, and hoping to god it plays nicely with the rest of the system…

Its not Steinberg’s job to make sure it works with the tens of thousands+ possible combinations of random hardware people might happen to throw together and hope for the best.

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Brave comment to be making here… I wish you luck! :slight_smile:


I been using CB12 from first release had minor problems which was fixed… as far a window optimization…its the user job like he said… how many customized PCs have odd mixtures… wrong ram CPU and Ram OC done wrong abd so on…

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Yes, around noon, after desert. :sweat_smile:

I can confirm that.


Is that a teaser?
Matthias, are you still there … :wink:

Absolutely not.


Whatever the release, I hope Steinberg still doesn’t remove the “legacy” Generic Remote.

It is still far way better than the new Midi Remote! Especially for Lemur and TouchOSC users!


One cannot ‘not communicate’ …
Cheers from Belgium!

Matthias is that guy at school who’d tell you that a girl fancies you, but not which one. :innocent:


Tomorrow is Wednesday … (So indeed, he got me going )

You got the best job at steinberg. Forums cubase Wednesdays release confirmation personnel :grin:

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+1 Fully agree

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I’m excited about the next Cubase update. Again you need to watch the club cubase livestreams.

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10am now in Germany. I guess if something’s happening today, we will know within the next 2-3 hours.

Let me try and see if we can find out right now.

@Matthias_Quellmann What colour socks are you wearing today?


Yep, as well as the VST 2.4 support…

@Matthias_Quellmann ? :innocent:

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