Cubase 13 - Cannot insert silence

I’m working in a pre-built project. It was built in Cubase 12, but I’ve opened it in 13. If I save the project and go back to 12, open up the project and do nothing other than attempt to insert silence, we’re golden - silence inserted. Save the project, re-open in 13, and do the same thing - nothing. No silence inserted.

Interestingly, I can open up a new/blank 13 project and insert silence just fine.

I’ve looked at all the events and tracks - nothing is locked. And I have only one Track Version for each track.

To perform the insert, I am selecting a range in the ruler, setting the start by Ctrl-numpad 1 and the end by Ctrl-numpad 2. Then, I’m using the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-E to trigger the command (which I’ve verified is set in both 12 and 13). But I’ve also used the menu item.

Any thoughts/ideas on additional troubleshooting steps I could perform?

Do you mean a ruler track? If that’s the case, I indeed noticed too that insert silence is not working. My workaround for now, until there’s a fix (or a setting we’re both missing) is to place the ruler track outside of the tracks to place the silence, use the range tool to select the range in these tracks and then insert silence.


It works as expected, here.

If you have other but Range Tool selected, set the range by the Left and Right Locators. Then the Silence is going to be set for all tracks.

Or, you can use the Range Tool. Set the Range for one (or multiple) tracks and Insert Silence for these tracks only. So you don’t have to move all tracks, if you don’t want to.

Can you confirm this behaviour, please?

No, like, the main measure bar:


Looks like it works with a range selected via the Range Tool, but not with the left + right locators.


I think, I find it out.

It works with the Left & Right Locators only, if there is no Ruler Track in the project (even if you hide the Ruler Track, then it doesn’t work).

Reported to Steinberg, thank you.


never in my life used the ruler track, I´ll think how could it be useful for me.


It is very useful! My main Ruler is always Bars+Beats. But I have another Ruler Track with the Timecode, to have the control over the time.

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for that I use a secondary display in transport bar, but it´s not too relevant for me.

Same here! That’s exactly what I do. And THANK YOU! I’ll see if that works in my project as well. Also, thank you for reporting it. Do you have a link where I can upvote the bug?

YEP! That was it. I can now insert silence. Thank you!

Same here. Ctrl+Shift+E only works on tracks with no Rulter track. All my templates have one, so a bit of a buggette.

Same for me: Works only without ruler track. Thank you for this workaround. Has someone reportet the bug to Steinberg?


It works like this for everyone.


This is going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.


That’s great to hear, I rely heavily on having a ruler track so looking forward to its release!

Interestingly, the “delete time” function still works

You’re lucky, there are at least 10 or more in my template…


Cubase 13.0.20 maintenance update, which includes the fix, has been released. Please, download and install the update.

I guess I still need to figure Cubase out. Time deletes in one project, but not another. When there’s been a bug reported, it’s hard to know whether it’s my user error to blame or a problem with the app.