Cubase 13 - Channel Tab opinion

I have to say it feels wrong to me. I am not sure why Steinberg didn’t place channel settings in lower zone like everything else. I am guessing they didn’t want Ableton Live look and feel.
At least they could place it on the inner sides of the left and right zone. Inner right zone would be perfect since its not that much used anyway. It would be much more handy I think.
What do you guys think?

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I’m afraid, you haven’t really understood the use case.

The Channel is for the users, who put the MixConsole with 1 channel on the left side of the Project window, to have exactly these slots available all the time. So it’s more like Logic.

The bottom Ableton Live strip is something quite different.

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From the leaks, I thought the Channel Tab (also named Channel Tab in the manual: Channel Tab)
would be just a… tab, in the left zone, at the bottom, right next to Track. So that we had Track, Channel, Editor. And then we could resize the Left Zone a bit if we wanted, and swap between the Track and the Channel when needed.

It took me by surprise to see that there was a new, also Left, but more left, Zone. I don’t know if it’s a meta-joke on politics (with the left always being too divided, no? Crickets?) but it doesn’t sit well with me semantically.

But the feature itself, it’s very well implemented and extremely useful, so I really like it.

I am not against Channel Tab but if its only good for one user case its not really a good implementation I think. Should be more handy for other cases as well.

Like if you have a laptop it would make much more sense if the Channel Tab is in the inner left or right position. Its way more handy and fast to use in my opinion. Especially on the less used inner right side.


You can show all the Channel tabs in the Inspector, as it was in previous Cubase versions.

I found it redundant.

They simply should’ve added “Strip” section to the main Inspector and be done with it, because I really like the pop-up channel strip components. and that’s the only benefit.

As a laptop user, I actually prefer to invoke a Channel Editor window, because everything is available right there, without having to go between “drawers” (I don’t have screen real-estate to have them all open at the same time).

That’s true but the Inspector tab would be then cluttered and not really handy especially for those running on 1080p.
The whole point of the new Channel Tab I think is to put handy things very close for fast and smooth editing and leave other less used things in the Inspector tab. Right now this implementation is not bad but it’s not that handy either.

My 5 cents anyway.

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Im not using it , i have no cause too but there’s people with 1 monitor that will find it very handy

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I can’t get out of the habit of pressing ‘e’, so it’s going to take some time to get used to it. I can see the benefits of it though, as if you want a lot of elements open you can have some on the inspector, and others on the channel tab.

Doing this means you don’t have a single list that scrolls down off the screen, instead you have two individual columns to work with.

I really like that I can clean up the inspector now, i.e. I’ve just got track versions QC, Routing and Track versions on mine, and everything else relating to the sound (inserts/eq/sends) on the channel tab.

Usually QC will just fall down off the bottom of the inspector, I’ve put them as the highest element now and as they’re much more condensed I can see myself using them a lot more.


Good tips - thanks; noted for when I can get round to updating myself… :+1:

Personally I think they should make Cubase more like Halion in this regard: Let the user configure the screen and zones from a set of “modules”. This way you could decide where you want to see the channel tab.



From this point of view, Digital Performer is the top for me (sorry for mentioning a competitor).

Uploading: צילום מסך 2023-11-03 125146.png…

This is what my Cubase 12 looks like.
I used 2 additional mixers. On the left side that will follow the channel I chose. And on the right side I set it to always stay on Stereo Out


With Cubase 13, you can get rid of the left MixConsole. :wink:

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I was going to say that it’s nothing new, but at least they didn’t bring us things from Nuendo like in Cubase 12

A few years ago, Steinberg sent questions to people about their opinion on upgrading Cubase, I wrote to them to bring the Channel Settings to the lower area so that it does not travel around the screen all the time. They put it in the left area in the form of a mixer. It will take time to get used to it but looks promising

Unfortunately, I cannot use Inspector there as in Cubase 12. I described it in this topic: