Cubase 13 - "Fixed number of slots" missed (Inspector and Channel tab)

Good morning.

Thank you for the new, improved version of Cubase 13. Thank you for the great idea with the new “Channel” tab on the left side. However, I see that the “Fixed number of slots” option is missing. This option has also disappeared from the “Inspector” tab. This resulted in me only seeing 8 slots in this project in inspector and channel.

Cubase 13:

Previously, in Cubase 12, I worked in such a way that I mixed while arranging and the view of all my slots with insterts and sends helped me with this. Sometimes I just want to insert a plugin in the 15 slot and not in the next free one. The same applies to send slots.

Cubase 12:

Please restore the “Fixed number of slots” option to Inspector and add it to Channel tab… as it is still available in “MixConsole”.

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You can just scroll down to see the other Insert Slots.

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No. Additional slots are invisible. You can’t scroll the window to reveal them all because they aren’t there. Only when I add another plugin does the next slot appear. So now you can see as many slots as there are plug-ins + 1. And I want to see all 16 slots, as in Cubase 12. I want to connect, for example, an effect to slot 15, but I can’t do it now, neither in Inspector nor in Channel. I can only do it in MixConsole, because there I can see all 16 slots, thanks to the active “Fixed number of slots” option.

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See the scroll bar, please.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 16.13.33

And if you use the scroll-wheel, it will scroll too.

That isn’t in the version we have Martin!
Are you on a newer beta? If so it would good if they could tidy that scroll bar up - it isn’t very good having a scroll bar appear which covers up the graphics underneath!


No, this is what it looks like in Cubase 13.0.10 on my side.

Mouse-hover over the right side of the Insert slots, please.

There’s no scroll bar for the inserts, Martin - there’s just a scroll bar for the whole section (see screenshots where the sends are only barely visible).


And what’s wrong with this view, please?

Because he’s only been able to get all the Insert slots to show by instantiating that compressor in slot 15 in the Mix Console - where it’s still possible to show ALL the Insert slots.
You can no longer do this in the Channel - it will only show you the 1st Insert, until you put a plugin in it, then you can see the 2nd…

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Sorry - it is there, but as I’m on a large monitor it doesn’t normally show up as nothing is out of view.


Why do you need to see 15 empty slots (2-16)? Why do you need to add an effect to slot 3 and keep slot 2 empty? I’m just curious…

Well firstly, I might want to put a plugin in a post fader slot - can’t do that in the Channel now!

Secondly, I’m using a 4k display. I can fit everything into the new Channel, and have a foot long fader if I want! So there’s absolutely no need to hide empty slots.

Thirdly, I often like to leave the first couple of slots empty. This allows me to quickly insert say a filter if necessary, or re-order plugins without too much fuss.


What vinylizor says. Plus you’re able to do this in the mix console - you can always have all 16 inserts visible. Why not in this view that’s essentially a single channel view of the mix console?



Yes, you can. Right-click the plug-in slot and choose the Move to Post-Fader Slot option from the drop-down menu.

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I Totally agree with vinylizor. The new design is slowing my workflow down.
I know there is a way to right click and move plugin to post-fader, but the v12 view should be just more convenient for me.


I don’t mean scrolling through the entire tab in Inspector and Channel. I want the option to enable the “Fixed number of slots” function for plugin Inserts and effect Sends in the Inserts and Sends section of the Inpector tabs to return (as it was in Cubase 12" and in the new Channel tab).
Well, I don’t need to see all the possible sections in the Inspector tab because that way I have too much information at once. That’s why I prefer to have only a few sections open: 16 Insert slots, 8 send slots, Direct out, Fader. For me this is enough for arranging and mixing.
I don’t want to impose anything, “Fixed number of slots” was an option in Cubase 12. It could be turned on or off. For me, “option” is the best choice :slight_smile:


Thank you for this solution. This may be a temporary solution. But it causes several difficulties, longer working time. Another thing is that I think that 16 plugin slots are too many. If only 8 were left, there would be no problems today with lack of space on the screen, in the mixer, in the inspector and in the channel.


Just the used slots are too less, 16 slots are too many. :thinking:

Yes that’s an absolute showstopper for us. At least the option show fixed slots will make it work for us again. It’s pretty strange that even QC is condensed especially when half your controller is knobs and half is faders…Inserts: I don’t know any engineers that start with slot 1 and then work their way up. Usually start with slot 4 or so to leave space for pre comp plugs or what not. That would be a lot of additional moving things up one at the time. A really strange move or oversight. Makes sense for on the road laptop but not for a 4K workflow.


I can answer this from my own personal workflow (that does not relate to OP).
I use dedicated slots, both Inserts and Send, for specific functions. For example, insert slot 2 is dedicated to compression and insert slot 8 is always EQ. For sends, the first 4 are reverbs with increasing sizes, sends 5-8 are delays. The main reason for this is to have consistency with my remote controllers.