Cubase 13 - How To Delete Folders?

In CB13, in the project window…
is there a quick simple key command OR menu option to delete folders, but keep the folder contents?


Right-click the Folder and select Remove Select Tracks, or use the default Shift+Backspace Key Command.

Your suggestion deleted the folder and everything inside. Not good.
Please see my original post.


I see, sorry. No, this is not possible. You would need to remove the data from the folder first.

Such a VERY DUMB, rudimentary oversight on the part of Cubase developers! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :unamused: :smirk: :-1:


Make a feature-request post, please. Add a solution, what should happen with the tracks in the folder. Don’t forget nested folders, please.

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I’m very new to Cubase (only been using CB for about 1 month now).
Where can I post feature suggestions to the CB development team?

Sorry. No need for a feature request.

Read before you think!

I use a folder for unwanted material during recording, and I just delete the folder with the beginning of mixing. I want to get rid of its content too.

If this is really too much effort (How long, 3 seconds?), well, my flabber is truly gasted.

…and your behaviour has been rather rude so far, so don’t expect too much sympathy towards you.
FYI: This is a forum where mainly users talk to users.


FYI: I am talking to users and I have not been rude to anyone in this forum.


As someone said earlier this forum is for conversation between users. If that is correct (which I assume that it is) based on that statement, please explain how is it possible to be rude to someone who is not here. When I made my comment, I assumed I was only speaking directly to CB user only and not the developers. For this reason, I later inquired, is there a link wherein CB developers could be contacted.

If someone were to say something not so nice about you, and you’re no where around to hear it or even know that it was said, is that person being rude to you??? I think not!

Stop gaslighting and looking for trouble where there is none.

All that said, if it turns out the CB developers are here participating in this forum, I sincerely apologize for my unkind words, but if they are not here then let’s just move on and kill the drama.

I’m not sure why you would want to do this?..
You don’t want the folder, but you want the contents?
If I understand correctly, here is a solution…

In the Project window, Select the Track Heads of the tracks you want to move out of the folder.
Drag them down ( or up) to a line that is between 2 tracks that are NOT inside the folder.
Your folder is now empty and you can delete it.

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Do you need to change the option you showed in preferences? (I’m not referring to “please don’t display this warning again”) Iirc, by factory default, that is turned off? Or maybe I have had it off for such a long time I think that’s the factory preferences default?

Anyway @rchaisse yes, I don’t see a big inconvenience. A bit more clicking and holding, but do users have this objective that often?

Click and dragging to remove 1 or 2 tracks from a folder is not a BIG deal. But doing this for multiple folders that contain lots of tracks can surely be a MAJOR hassle.

But whether it’s 1 folder that contains 1 track tor whether its many folders with many tracks insider, either way , there should be a simple key command that should handle this task.

Thanks everyone who chimed in. Thanks for sharing your insights. :slight_smile:

I admire your chutzpah.


I MAYBE have used it once or twice, but that’s it.

Many of the tasks we perform require tools ( or Processes) to accomplish them.

We may use some of those tools very rarely, but it’s great to have them available, when needed.

This is only one of many that you will discover.

As far as counting the steps needed to accomplish a goal, I have to say, Get used to it. There are a lot of repetitive tasks and assembly line type of processes that are required to do what we do.

Try not to look at the negative, because it can cause you a lot of stress. Instead, keep your eye on the goal and when you accomplish it, rejoice, look forward and move on to the next one.

Don’t try to rush. It’s not that kind of a task.

It’s complicated and it’s going to take a long time to get proficient with it.

But when you do… it’s Awesome!!

Good luck. Hope this helps…

Remember… when in doubt, Back Off !!

There may be if you create it in the Project Logical Editor, then add it as a key command.

Basically highlight folder, copy contents, paste then delete folder.

Maybe someone smart with PLE would chime in…


I wouldn’t go for PLE. Once you delete the folder, you have not under the control, what is going to be selected, so you don’t know, where Cubase wold Paste the tracks.