Cubase 13 is crashing when opening the MixConsole

If you type @Martin.Jirsak He will get a notification!
You can see that it works cause if you type @ some names will pop up. So @Martin.Jirsak I was just pointing to the above post by @Neil_Murt
Good luck Neil, don’t despair help is on the way!

Thank you. Everyone.

After today I’m walking away from it.

Blood pressure through the roof.

Music used to be good for the soul. Now it’s bad for your already failing health.

Maybe there’s still one or two songs in their waiting to get out?


I’m sorry, I haven’t received any file.

Share it by using Dropbox or similar service, please.

Thank you for the reply.

I used dropbox this morning.

Trying it again now.


Sorry, I have found it. I will have a look.

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No rush.

I’m grateful for any help.

If it gets too complicated I’ll have to walk away from it.


I’ve been having the same issue and it seems to have gone away. The crashes started after downloading a bunch of izotope plugins. All those plugins was installed with no isssue except for the DDLY Dynamic plugin by izotope which cubase put on the block list because it was using some older architecture. I left it on at first as cubase seemed to be fine, until i hit export and a pop up shows up saying a file has the same name etc and then crashes or freezes shortly after. Another thing i changed was the bit depth on the mixdown window and switched it to 64 bit. So i decided to uninstall The Dynamic delay from the blocklist and also switched it back to 32 bit float and haven’t had any issues since then *crossing fingers. Hope this helps!

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The 13.0.30 Essential update icrashes automaticaly when I start Cubase.

Everything is ok with 13.0.21.

I asked a friend to install his Cuabse Pro 1 on my computer.
Same behavior , crash 13.0.30 and perfect 13.0.21 …
I opened a ticket…

Hi @jlernandez ,

Could you please attach the *.dmp file located in the /Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps/ folder, please?

Cubase LE AI Elements 13.0.30 64bit2024.3.27 (1.5 MB)

Yes, of course !
Using Cubase since version 4 it’s the first time I face a such problem.
Not so bad for the Steinberg Team, You rock !! :slight_smile:

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Does it always crash when you start Cubase 13 Elements?

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Or even to rename/delete all Cubase version preferences folders to get the factory settings?

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% \Steinberg\Cubase X_64

Where the X is the Cubase version (for example 13).

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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I’ve already done that.
I did it again. Same problem.
A friend installed yesterday his Cubase Pro 13 version. Same problem. It’s not a Element version issue.

Everything is OK on version 13.0.21 (Pro / Elements)
So I stay on this version till a new update… :frowning:


Could your friend attach his *.dmp file here, please? I’m wondering, if it’s really the very same crash.

Did you rename/remove all Cubase versions preferences folders, please?

Hi Martin.

I could do with an update on the subject. But I don’t want to be pushy.

I just can’t use Cubase.

Artistic frustration is kicking in and I don’t want to take it out on Ableton or Reason. Too steep a learning curve for me these days.

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Sorry, I can’t. He removes his aothorization …
Same popup “kernelbase.dll”.

Just another information, my CPU is a dual XEON Gold… It may help…

Yes I remove all preferences folders…

Same thing… I can’t update the product to its final release. Sessions will not be compatible anymore with other peoples using the last one… Desappointed

Any update.

The frustration is not going well.


I’m sorry, I didn’t find your *.ips/dmp file in this thread.

Not sure what the *.ips/dump file is.

You asked me to send you the procdump file via dropbox which I did and you said you’d received it (14 days ago).