Cubase 13 Mixer #2 Not Showing Tracks

Like the title says. The screenshot says it better. Any ideas?


Same For me, solution ?

Same for me

Is that a hot-fix I see on the horizon!

For me MIxconsole 4 is not working. NO tracks are being displayed

for me, mixconsole 1 and 4 are showing tracks but 2 and 3 are ‘trackless’ - or more specifically they just show the channel meters (if enabled)

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I can’t see a real problem since there is no visibility manager open.
Maybe the tracks are disabled in there?

not here

I can enable the channel meter but that’s all - rest of the stuff is ‘invisible’

Damn… Can you see the left and right zones to see the visibility pane?
Can you make a screen shot?

yes - you can see left/right zones when enabled

you can see another users screenshot in the first post

def something ‘buggy’ going on there.

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Absolutely baffling…
“Best DAW” “Hands Down” “Modern”
After this update, there are many who will lose some reputation points for pushing it so hard … :man_shrugging:t5:

What happens if you try to open the visibility manager in the toolbar?

Can you leave this conversation please? Senseless comments are not welcome at the moment. We can discuss this somewhere else.

you can change visibility but makes zero difference - the only channel element that appears is ‘meters’

(trust me I know how the mixconsoles work :slight_smile: )

FWIW my first thought is that it was a bug when opening existing v11/12 projects - that would account for the fact that different users show different mixconsoles (1,2,3,4) showing the issue…but new ‘native v13’ projects show the same issue for me

I trust you.
Just try to make sure we looked at every possible thing…

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In all Mix Consoles, is “set channel type filter” set to “all channel types”? Should be obvious but…

Do you mean “meter bridge?”

Yes, definitely try a new V13 as opposed to opening an old C12 project in C13. I have found C12 notepad tracks that in C13 present some unusual graphic issues.

Something to be aware of, and this is a change:

When you save a Configuration in any mix console, there is now a setting that determines whether or not the saved Configuration also includes all the checked boxes in “Set Up Windows Layout” (upper right of the mix console.)

That setting is found in Mix Console Functions menu>section settings>link settings to configuration settings. The factory default should be checked.

Also note that at this time when you make any change in Set Up Windows Layout, an asterisk will not appear in a Configurations setting like one would expect. This is a know issue.

What happens when starting in Safe Mode with factory preferences?

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not in front of cubase at the moment, but yes it’s ‘meter bridge’ - basically the channel meter.

haven’t tried - and if that fixes it then the ‘rebuilding’ of all my prefs and settings is far too painful so I probably won’t bother as C11/C12 are fine - nothing in C13 that I really need. I’ll wait for a proper fix. Lots of early reports so I’m sure it will get picked up.

It’s Steinberg - nobody (?) expects it to work properly on release (even if it is a .1 release because of the delay) !

Same here, but it is the main mixer for me. I do hope they fix this one fast, or I’ll be back to cubase 12 for now. It makes the program useless.

Only Channel Meters is here in main MixConsole the issue. No other areas are shown.

I’ll probably go back / stay with Cubase 11, I skipped v12 and used the grace update option, slowly regretting it