Cubase 13 Mixer #2 Not Showing Tracks

Interesting response to someone trying to help…

Ok, but we had a really long discussion and one conclusion was that indeed there is a bug introduce with C13 that leads to the symptoms described.

A fix has been mentioned in another thread, I believe, so here’s mine. I think it’s much the same. This works for me but, as always, ymmv!
From scratch…

  1. If C13 is installed, uninstall it, and delete any left over folders.

  2. Run C11/12 (which apparently are the troublesome versions).

  3. Open your project.

  4. Open all the mixers and make sure ALL the racks and everything else is displayed.

  5. Save the project (under a new name for safety!)

  6. Quit C12.

  7. Open the settings folder and rename that folder (it’s enough for just one character to be added on the end).

  8. Re-install C13.

  9. Open the project in C13 and the mix consoles should be as they ought to be.

  10. Quit C13.

  11. Rename the C12 settings folder back to it’s original name.

From then onwards just repeat steps #2 through to #6 and #9.
A screenshot of the result:

Same here…

although you could add a display like this, just the meter bridge, without the faders!

This reply from HQ should probably have been its own topic in the forum:

“OFFICIAL SORRY (#?)” or something. That way I would have found it too.

I just posted about this invisible mixer issue on a separate thread. :slight_smile: