Cubase 13 out now!

Condivido pienamente questo post. Invece di migliorare, peggioriamo le cose. La striscia bianca del form dell’applicazione di Cubase 13 è da togliere.

I would like to buy it but, correct me if I’m wrong, it doens’t work on Mac Big Sur.
I don’t have the €€€€ to buy a new Mac and a further update is not possible. :-/

Cubase 13 is great. Love the new GUI!

Overall, I agree that the overall attempt to “update” the look and feel has been a downgrade and much less visually appealing. The look and feel doesnt chnage functionality, but the attempt to “modernize” has just made it look ‘flat’ and stark. In this day and age, minimialistic UI 'look" is not required to save on processing like in days gone by. Everythng from the M, S,L buttons, to how the actual mix conole even colorizes now (after the big improvements there a few versions ago) is a disappointment, and makes it harder to make things “easier” to distiguiosh when colorign similar tracks.

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The look in Cubase 13 looks great IMO, and shouldn’t be changed.

As for the first one:
In the old versions (as far as I know since Cubase 5) by default it is exclusive but you can open multiple columns by holding Ctrl/Cmd and then clicking on what you want it to display. In Cubase 13 the exclusive mode doesn’t have this feature. I am mainly working in exclusive mode but from time to time I need opening multiple tabs, which gets less convenient in Cubase 13. So I am hoping for a bringing back of that modifier key feature.

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Hello Markus and Team!

Ongo.Rick here. I could not be happier to finally get to the day when I could begin my Pro Journey with Cubase!! When I bought my Personus FirePod, I was exposed to Cubase LE… My mind was blown. That was a long time ago. Built a PC to run it on, and was on my fourth iteration of a Recording Studio. Almost four years ago, I invested in Cubase Pro 10 and again, Life got crazy for me.

I recently purchase an iMac (2017 - Used) and am ready to install Cubase 13 Pro!!! I am New to this whole environment and would like to find Installation Instructions for a Beginner (For Me…) because even though I am a Working PC Heavyweight, and have become Mac Proficient, I need to know that I can get this product installed and I can start to use it in the Near Future, now that I have my own home to work on Music within!!

Please send me ‘Installation Instructions for Cubase 13 Pro - 101’, or point me in that direction!!

Thank you in advance!!

Finally updated from 10.5 to 13. Can anyone tell me where the custom quantize presets are now stored because replacing RamPresets.xml hasn’t imported them?

So I upgraded to 13 and things went well. Nice to see things rolling along and lots of new little updates and features. Lots of new plugins, and I also noticed that a bunch of my older Halion stuff is now working with the new licensing system.
Is it still possible to use tap-tempo from space bar?
I also wondered how use step-sequencer length while in ‘on-screen keyboard’ mode but it didn’t work either, no real biggie I guess. Would be nice, though. Maybe another shortcut for me?
I won’t be putting it through it’s real paces as there seems a bit of preferences still to check, but I did also notice that all my templates were already ready to go!

I think Shift+Spacebar is assigned to Tap Tempo by default.