Cubase 13 out now!

Unable to get audio outputs working on my computer after upgrading to Cubase 13. I have audio on the output of my DAW. UR24C but nothing to my computer or external speakers. Was working before the upgrade.
Thanks, KIM

Not the mention the horror that is the new midi insert section with invisible lines :joy:

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Hey ! Do we have a release date for the patch of C13 for graphics issues on Windows ?

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Is it compatible with new apple m3 series?
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Sure is!

I enjoy the addition of Ionica Sketch, but what I don’t like is that I’ve been using it for 3 days and every day I’ve had stability issues. Program stops working properly, closes, or orders me to save my music under a new name.

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Cubase Dev Team, can you make the main menu in Cubase for windows more consistent with styling for the button panel menus in the rest of the UI?

Trying to tweak it closer in the registry is a bit of a mess as you can see above - looks like the main menu color was left hard coded in Cubase 13 around the text areas ;/

That and of course as others have mentioned consider fixing the austere faders of this release to maybe something more nuanced.

Available now

I am particularly happy to see the update email, C13 is fantastic

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If you open VocalChain there is a curve fot those two :blush:

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I’m on mac Sonoma. Has anyone noticed that the toolbar cursors don’t change the OS cursor? It’s an arrow for me the whole time. Is this a known issue?

Anyone bug when export? I’m encountering an issue while rendering an audio file. Specifically, when I’m exporting and click outside the software (for instance, into a web browser), Cubase 13 Pro crashes and shuts down. I don’t experience this problem with Nuendo 12.

I completely agree with you!

I’ve tried Cubase 10-11-12 and now 13. I’m finally ready to wave Pro Tools goodbye, and I’ll make less use of Ableton Live. The new UI improvements are such a big deal for me, and Cubase’s environment makes more sense to me intuitively now.

#featurerequest Please make it so the “Locate when clicked in empty space” under the Transport setting applies to the key editor and NOT just the project window. This is incredibly frustrating for composers/beat makers/midi players… Every DAW has this to date, except for Cubase. Name one that does not? This is a main driver why so many people don’t use Cubase. There are even Famicom trackers that have this. Please kindly consider it for existing and future Cubase users.

On Windows, SHIFT + ALT + click everywhere in the space works in the edit window, as well.

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In Cubase 13 the function seems to be unassigned by default. At least on Mac
To enable it locate to;
Preferences/Editing/Tool Modifiers/Select Tool/Set Cursor Position
Press Shift+Alt/Option and click assign.

The release notes now list 13.0.20 … fire up your SDA, ladies and gentlemen!

Same issue here … It totally crashed in 13.0.10 now I get an disk error on the 13.0.20 but then it crash after the export !

Here too.

Cubase 13 should’ve never made it out of beta in this state.