Cubase 13 - Pitch Bend bugs

Hi there,

I’m encountering unusual behaviors with pitch bend values in Cubase 13. In the attached video, you can hear that the note pitch sounds fine before playback. The playback sounds correct until I stop it, rewind, and play it again, at which point the pitch is incorrect.

There seems to be no apparent reason for this pitch variation. Note that the MIDI events throughout the entire project are programmed to return to zero, there’s no preceding event causing the pitch to remain at an incorrect value.

Also note this happens with both Ramp / Curve and Step modes.

Another thing that looks suspect is that -100 value that I really don’t understand.

Any ideas?

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I’ll add another video that shows the bug happening even when I just click on Mute / Solo button during playback. You can hear how it affects the pitch even when there are events that bring the value back to zero.

that is really weird, especially the 2nd example.
i have never experienced such by myself before, i also noticed some other midi related anomalies though, does it also happen with different VSTi as well? or only at this VSTi


Could you add the MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert, to see the data, please?

You can filter out MIDI Notes in the MIDI Monitor, so we can see just the Pitch Bend data.

Pitch Bend value at cursor position:

  • Pitch wheel -100 = all the way down
  • Pitch wheel 0 = neutral position
  • Pitch wheel +100 = all the way up

How much pitch variation (semitones) all the way down and all the way up means depends on the VST Instrument PB settings.

The strange thing in the video is: Normally, the value display in the controller lane changes when the track is played back and the value (here PB) changes. In the video, the display always shows -100, although the value changes from 0 to a higher value and back.

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I tried to replicate your scenario as best I can - but I could not reproduce the issue.

The pitch bend value is always zero from the get-go. I have never seen it like that before…have you tried adjusting it back to zero?

also I’m on Mac, so it might be different than the behavior of the windows version. 13.0.30 release


How is your Chase MIDI Events set up, please?

I’m uploading another video with MIDI monitor active on two tracks.

If I listen to the whole session from start to finish, without pausing the playback, everything runs just fine.

Also, not sure if it’s related, but I noticed a message appearing during the loading of the project. I never saw it before.


About your other question, here’s how my settings look like:

If the MIDI channel of a MIDI track is set to Any, the existing Ramps and Curves on a controller lane are not processed. Instead, the value jumps as if there were a simple Step between different values.

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It doesn’t sound like it’s a pitchbend problem. If I’m not mistaken, the pitchbend range of your instrument is set to 2 semitones, however the notes drop down 4 semitones.


The setting in the Key Editor is just the user settings. It might not reflect the reality. Cubase doesn’t know, how is the instrument set up (from this point of view, the plug-in or the instrument is a black-box for Cubase). So it’s on the user, to set the correct scale.

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@NoisyTunes Correct, the Instrument (Kontakt 7) pitch bend is set to 4 semitones.

@ASM Ok, I can’t tell the difference by hearing the result, so that’s not a problem for me. The reason I’m using Any is because my Instrument Track has two different libraries loaded in the same istance of Kontakt (one for the guitar, one for the guitar noises), they use two different MIDI channels.
Single notes can be assigned to a specific MIDI channel via the Piano Roll.


This is correct. But if the track’s MIDI Channel is set to Any, the Ramps on the Controller lane are not processed. (As @ASM mentioned correctly.) Therefore you should switch the controllers to the Step Mode.

In the first video I uploaded, you can see I have the curve set to Step (it has been circled in red), unless you’re referring to something else.